Oztent HotSpot Heated Camping Chairs and Accessories

  • 2018

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Commissioned By:

Oztent Australia

Peter Long

Designed In:


Oztent HotSpot series is an Australian designed and developed, patent pending range of instantaneous, reusable and safe camping and outdoor adventure products including but not limited to camping chairs, lumbar packs and pouches that have passive comfort heating and cooling functionality and don't require mains power, batteries or cables to operate.

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  • The design brief was to create a range of heated camping chairs and accessories that: - Didn't require 240V mains power - Didn't require 12V accessories power - Didn't require batteries - Didn't require solar power - Didn't require cables - Provided instant, reusable and safe heating - Could heat for up to 1 hour per application - Could also be used to provide comfort cooling - Are practical and simple to use for outdoor applications - Worked better than any actively heated camping chair currently available - The products could be protected by a Patent - To offset the seasonality of camping products - Created unprecedented interest and demand within the industry

  • The design solution was to develop a range of camping chairs and accessories with unidirectional insulated pockets that exothermic heating pouches could be placed into to provide comfort heating and cooling, directly to consumers, the result: - The project met and in most cases exceeded our design brief - Core temperatures of 55 degrees Celsius were achieved - Heating times of up to 1 hour per pack were realised - Heating pouches could be reused up to 500 times - Heating pouches could be reset simply by bringing to a boil and simmering for 5 - 10 minutes - The products were practical, safe & easy to use

  • The overall impact of the project was outstanding: - HotSpot was able to be registered as a trademark - We were able to apply for a Patent on HotSpot (Patent Pending) - The HotSpot product range was taken as an exclusive product line to be launched by BCF - All of our first shipment of HotSpot products were sold out - HotSpot Heating Pouches were recognised as being instantaneous, safe, non-toxic and importantly reusable - HotSpot generated a ***"Wow, why didn't someone think of this before"*** effect with consumers - HotSpot assisted in achieving the best sales month in the companies history - HotSpot has opened international markets

  • Other key design features include: - HotSpot Pouches utilise a simple click and heat activation system - HotSpot Pouches can be used to warm Sleeping Bags - HotSpot Lumbar Pack can also be used to convert existing camping chairs into heating/cooling chairs - HotSpot Pouches can be placed in Tactical and Military clothing for use in cold environments - HotSpot Pouches can be placed in work clothing pockets for use on cold work sites - HotSpot Pouches can also be refrigerated and used as a cold pack - HotSpot Black series chairs use Hyper-Lite ultra light weight frames - HotSpot chairs are fitted with a Multi-Media Saddlebag for storage of Tablets and/or Smart Phones - HotSpot chairs are fitted with an Insulated Drink/Phone Holder Saddlebag - HotSpot chairs are fitted with four (4) unidirectional insulated pockets for storage of HotSpot Heating Pouches - HotSpot Chairs are fitted with a Patented adjustable Lumbar Support - HotSpot chairs are fitted with a Carry Bag storage headrest compartment - Some HotSpot chairs are fitted with height adjustable armrests - Consumers can simply reset the HotSpot Pouch or purchase multiple Pouches for continuous use