• 2019

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Designed By:

  • Philip Howieson
  • Thomas Schuster
  • Alexander Gransbury

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Ortwo is the first pepper mill to combine the convenience of one-handed grinding, with the extra speed, ease and greatly increased output of using two hands. It also features an interchangeable easy-fill jar, and doesn’t leave pepper crumbs behind when put down.

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  • Pepper grinders have changed little over the past century. The challenge was to create a pepper grinder that could quickly and effortlessly grind a large quantity of pepper, yet still be used one-handed as needed while stirring or carrying food. The designers also wanted to improve convenience aspects such as refilling, versatility, and cleanliness. And the result must appear resolved and logical, conveying the function despite a radical new form. While discussing early concepts the designers coined a criteria they called the “dinner party test” - that a host should not have to explain how it works to a guest.

  • Ortwo’s handles allow the user to apply much more leverage than a traditional mill, allowing the grinding mechanism to be exceptionally large and efficient. The handles also allow for one-handed use. By completely rethinking the pepper mill, the designers could make other improvements over the traditional layout. Orienting the mechanism sideways allows Ortwo to sit on a bench without dropping crumbs. The wide-mouth jar sits flat for easy refilling. Jars with lids are available separately to allow easy storage and swapping of spices. The configuration and styling is new and confident, while the object purpose and function remain understandable.

  • Ortwo vastly improves the experience of using a pepper grinder for all users. The benefits are even greater for those with impaired use of their hands or wrists, or those with use of only one hand. Aside from the ease of use the versatility of interchangeable jars will encourage users to mix and grind their own spices, resulting in more fulfilling and flavoursome cooking. Two price points (Ortwo & Ortwo Lite) make Ortwo attractive and attainable to a variety of customers. Ortwo creates further product opportunities for Dreamfarm, and work is underway to produce a compatible spice jar set.

  • The grinding mechanism is made from extremely hard 95% alumina ceramic. It’s custom designed for this application and will effortlessly grind pepper, salt, spices and coffee. Ortwo features six grind positions from coarse to fine. These are marked both visually and with tactile detents. The jar features an internal thread which allows the opening to be as wide as possible. This allows incredibly easy filling. The jar capacity is 60ml, the same as a small supermarket spice jar. Individual jars with lids are able to be purchased separately for swapping spices. Ortwo has been designed as two versions with different price points as Ortwo (RRP $54.95) and Ortwo Lite (RRP $29.95). This allows Ortwo to compete across the vast majority of the pepper grinder market. Pepper grinders are supposed to be especially durable. Ortwo has been designed with this in mind - all moving parts are made from ceramic or POM resin. All load bearing parts are especially thick and durable. Ortwo and Ortwo Lite feature different materials, but have been designed with the same lifetime durability in mind.