• 2018

  • Next Gen

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Renee Aquilina

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It's no secret that Australians love the outdoors. However, this enjoyment can be hindered by the harsh sun in an Australian summer. Ori is an interactive shade canopy that protects against the sun, making summer temperatures more bearable. Ori is adjustable and can change in accordance to one's thermal comfort.

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  • The challenge was to design a shade that adapts to an Australian climate and helps people cope with the heat. It's required to involve human interaction to be engaging and appealing to use. As the shade is intended for personal/at home use, it should fit in with existing architectural aesthetics and styling.The materials and finishes need to be able to withstand outdoor conditions. In addition, designing the internal mechanisms for the shade to be functional and able to open and close was a huge challenge.

  • Ori was inspired by the openings and closures in kirigami, the dynamic nature of Ori allows the user to choose the amount of shade they desire. The folds and cut-outs within the shade canopy create a dappled shadow contributing to the atmosphere of the space. In addition to this, it can be adjusted to mimic the cyclic nature of a deciduous tree, from completely opened in the summer months, to compressed when in winter. This movement is to allow for changes in the sun's positioning throughout the day or throughout the year.

  • The interactive element invites people to adjust the shade according to their preference which, in turn, encourages use and time spent safely protected from the sun outdoors. This leads to a higher quality of out door living. It also allows the space to be used to it's full potential as it can move in accordance to the sun's positioning.

  • The “O” shaped handle invites users to interact with the canopy. An intuitive rotary action of the handle expands the canopy via an internal rack and pinion gear system. The winding can also be related to the hill's hoist which is a common Australian object. As everyone's shade needs are specific, Ori can be adjusted in height, width and length depending on the site. Ground fixtures are also site specific, but in most cases a standard concreted in procedure will successfully keep Ori in place. The majority of external components are made from powder coated stainless steel. The shade cloth is a woven composite material called Serge Ferrari which has great solar protection properties.