Ora Pendant

  • 2016

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Ross Gardam

Commissioned By:

Ross Gardam

Designed In:


Sitting between the timeless and the contemporary, the Ora pendant features a floating disk surrounded by a beautifully gentle glow. Available in three sizes and various finish options, Ora is a versatile fixture designed to complement any number of interior settings, from the residential to the commercial and anywhere in between.

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  • Suspended from the centre of the pendant is an opaque floating disk. The disk conceals the internal lighting components and disperses the intense brightness of the LED from within. The hot spot of the LED globe is completely obscured, ensuring the harsh glare of the light cannot be seen from any direct viewpoint. This results in the disk being beautifully surrounded by a soft gentle glow, giving it the appearance of floating in space.

  • The shade of the Ora Pendant has been designed to cleverly reflect the light internally, to emit a natural brightness. The light softly illuminates the space below, giving a beautiful, uninterrupted light level without the appearance of shadows or dark spots. Full light output is achievable from 150mm below the floating disk, meaning quality of light is not compromised.

  • The versatile Ora Pendant, available in various paint colours as well as anodised champagne gold, has the ability to complement or be the feature piece in any interior setting. Available in three different sizes, 450, 600 and 1,000mm diameter, the pendant has a place in both residential and commercial spaces. Each complementing finish option allows the shade and disk to be mixed and matched to suit any location or design style.

  • The Ora Pendant is collectively made by manufactures located in and around Melbourne, Australia. Featuring 18W LED 2700k warm white globes, the light output is highly efficient and long lasting, with a rating of 25,000 hours.