OMEN 27i Gaming Monitor

  • 2020

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • HP Design + Native

Commissioned By:

HP Design

Designed In:

United States of America

The OMEN 27i Gaming Monitor solves problems unique to gamers. It delivers a display fast enough for games, with reduced eye-strain. A diamond-shaped base gives the keyboard ergonomic placement for gameplay. Ambient backlighting matches the colours of the content being displayed for an immersive user experience.

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  • The OMEN 27i Gaming Monitor had to solve several problems. When the monitor redraws too slowly, it hurts the game experience. The screen must be big and bright enough to prevent eye strain. We wanted to make sure that the display was height-adjustable to reduce fatigue, and to make it easier to connect cables to the display. Separately, gamers use a keyboard differently than productivity users. They tend to shift the keyboard at a 45º angle so they have more space for their mouse, and keep their wrists straight while using the keys.

  • The OMEN 27i Gaming Monitor uses Freesync (G-Sync compatible) to reduce blur, tearing, and make the display fast. At 27” with QHD resolution, it’s big enough to immerse a player in the game. It uses a low-haze display for reduced glare to prevent eye strain. It uses a tilt stand that is height adjustable for comfort, and conveniently has a hook to hold gaming headphones when not in use. Knowing that gamers turn the keyboard to the side for ergonomics meant creating a diamond-shaped base, so the keyboard rests at the correct angle.

  • The OMEN 27i gaming display has a big impact commercially on HP's OMEN gaming business, because it's one of the first monitors in the world that takes the needs of the enthusiast and hardcore pro e-sports gamer into account. HP Designers considered aesthetic goals for the user who likes colorful lighting, but we also made lighting useful. We studied the ergonomic needs of gamers and how they differ from the non-gaming population.

  • The OMEN logo is a diamond shape. On the IPS Gaming display, the iconic diamond shape housing on the back is reflective of our brand, and houses the ports and VESA mount. The ports exit the 45º angle on either side of the diamond, making it easier to connect cables. The diamond is surrounded by a light ring that matches the colours of the content being displayed for an immersive user experience, and also illuminates the ports for easy connections. The diamond perimeter has vents for intake to keep everything running cool. Everything revolves around the diamond housing on the back. Besides the functional lighting on the back, it also makes the contents seem larger than they are, by expanding the colors beyond the border of the screen. Because the customer may need to see their keys in darker gaming environments, we have lights on the chin of the display, independently controlled from the backlighting. RGB lighting integrated into the monitor is controlled through the on-screen display or Omen Command Center software. Cable routing through the stand keeps the player’s desk clear.