Omega Altise – Aura Pedestal Fan

  • 2020

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    Domestic Appliances

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  • Design + Industry

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Shriro Australia

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Form follows function — reminiscent of classic automobile curves — Immerse yourself in the best-of-breed airflow of the AURA fan. The Aura is powered by a 150mm impeller providing a highly targeted airflow, whilst the body barrel forms an acoustic liner for quiet operation (61-71dB). Sleek, modern & available in four contemporary colours.

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  • The cooling fans category has become a high volume low margin commodity trade. Private label volume is growing and price erosion is a real issue for all brands. Omega Altise holds a strong mid-tier place in the Australian market offering quality fans, backed by 2-year warranty at an affordable price. Australian consumers seek value for money, powerful performance, and low noise levels. Top-tier competition has proven that good quality design with innovation can sell at a premium. Omega Altise required a new aesthetic and technological innovation to establish a high-perceived value offering and sustainable point of difference in the market.

  • The Aura is the striking result of form follows function. An innovative approach to controlling airflow led to a pioneering design for Omega Altise and the category. Reminiscent of classic automobile curves and colours, and powered by unique patent pending airflow technologies. Embedded in the barrel; a brushless DC motor that delivers increased air pressure and flow, a 150mm impeller, and perforated acoustic liners that reduce noise (61-71dB). Control the flow with 80° left and right, 40° up and down oscillation. The Aura stands in a class of its own - a focused, targeted, powerful airsteam suited to contemporary Australian living.

  • The Aura sought to redefine the technologies embedded within the cooling fan category. Patent pending airflow technology and brushless 150W DC motor provide best-in-class pressure and flow, whilst remaining energy consumption conservative. A strikingly unique design elevates the aesthetic standards of the category, shifting perceptions from fans as purely functional devices, towards designer pieces with year round display rights in the contemporary home. High-quality materials, design for manufacture techniques, and 2-year warranty aim to ensure long-term use and easier repair-ability. Three year long investment in design and technological innovation secured a competitive advantage and place next to premium competitor offerings.

  • • Unique & striking aesthetics unique to category. • 4 Colour options: White, Black, Mint, Blue. • Body barrel forms an acoustic liner for quiet operation (61-71dB). • Patent Pending Air flow Technology: Targeted air utilising unique 150mm Impeller, Brushless 30W DC motor. • Directional and targeted airflow with 6 variable fan speed settings to adapt to user preferences. • Control the flow with 80° left and right (automatic), 40° up and down oscillation (manual). • Aluminium stand and concealed remote control storage provide a streamlined look and stability. • Circular remote control can be hidden on the back-side of the fan barrel – Remote contains internal magnets that snap the remote into place on the barrels back-side grill. • 125.5cm (H) x 32.5cm (W) x 21.5cm (D) – 8.5kg. • 2-Year Consumer Warranty. • Designed and Engineered in Australia.