Oliv Mounting System

  • 2016

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Oliv is a complete mounting solution for smart phones and devices utilising world leading programmable magnet technology. The Oliv system is patented.

The interchangeable solutions allow people to mount devices across a wide range of surfaces and areas for a variety of uses around the home, car, bike and office.

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  • Oliv incorporates new near force magnets that produce a strong close range force which securely mounts devices when they are in close proximity to each other. Near force magnets also means that they do not interfere with internal GPS and compass operations on devices or damage credit cards or other sensitive media.

  • Oliv provides a suite of mounting solutions through four different base plate options that fit the many ways people use their devices. A suction mount, AMPS mount, Vent mount and bike mount. A link gives angular motion while a slimline shim that attaches to the back of a device gives axial rotation for portrait or landscape positioning. Used in any combination, the Oliv mounting products offer great flexibility and mobility.

  • As part of the manufacturing process, the magnets can be programmed with the exact forces desired for the application. This means when a phone mounts using the suction base and Link for example, the forces act to hold the phone securely in place even when the position is adjusted but also provides easy release of the phone without disconnecting the link.

  • The System is "quick fit” connecting together in a matter of seconds. When the link should not be used with a specific base such as the Vent mount, the Link will be repelled so that it can't be accidentally used.