Ogilvy & Mather NZ Office Interior

  • 2017

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Ogilvy & Mather NZ

Designed In:

New Zealand

A round peg in a square hole = A visual manifesto to think different, not fit in.

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  • The circle form is the 'thought bubble' - 'the brilliant idea', 'the target' , 'the misfit', 'the rebel', 'the thought leader'. Sculptural quotes are the manifesto that reinforce the idea of people who have stood out and inspire all who work and visit the office. The various quotes are designed to arrest attention and bring about positive behavior change, while having considered approach within a heritage building. We wanted inspiration to be part of the journey throughout the space. For clients and visitors to challenge their status quo and to leave with a smile in their mind.

  • The various quotes are moments to discover. From the 'We see genius' entrance between creative spaces to the 'Go create' interactive pencil wall, to the round squabs for 'Art' and 'Copy' for creative teams. The medium is the message. Quotes define areas within the building and help navigate between different spaces. Black steel shelving create partitions between teams with quirky objects, creative books and lush plants. These serve to break up large open areas, not compartmentise areas in a harsh or unsympathetic way. This allows the high stud height in the heritage building to soar above staff in a majestic way without being ruined or altered from it's original design.

  • Due to the challenges on working with a heritage building and it's quirks we collaborated with a professional production company to help with the install. Due to a busy office all the elements had to be durable and safe. The sculptural elements and free standing shelving were fixed down professionally. At the design and planning phase allowances were made for new products to be easily integrated into an environment that didn't have flat walls or flooring. Shelving systems were constructed with an adjustable leveling system on each leg.

  • The biggest challenge was to ensure history and beauty wasn't ruined or lost. The interior of (predominantly wooden form) the historic flour mill was brightened and further enhanced with white walls. This allowed for the restrained use of the brand colours; red, white, black and grey to function in a contemporary manner while still allowing room for the story of the building making a gallery-like space. The addition of climbing plants into the interior was strategic. Studies have concluded that plants create a more pleasant environment which assists in mental well-being and reduction of stress.

    We had a tight budget for the project so alot of thought went into the material, paint and furntiture selection. Plenty of DIY was used with sourcing and installing materials. It was paramount to inject a strong idea and theme into every quote and space. The result was a redefined new direction for the agency. Not just to feel inspired everyday by the interior around them but to do better work, push the boundaries and be like the circle in the square. Self esteem was increased as well as a sense of improved pride by staff for their 'home turf'. This successful space has now ushered in a commission for it's sister office in the capital.