Ocean Plastic Mouse

  • 2022

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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United States of America

The Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse is the first consumer electronic product, to use reclaimed ocean plastic waste in its plastic. The body is made of 20% reclaimed ocean plastic collected from waterways and shorelines and reprocessed to create a plastic resin that meet consumer electronics standards of quality and durability

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  • The challenge was to reclaim dirty degraded PET plastic waste found in waterways and shorelines, work with our suppliers, and create a new resin formulation that stands the rigor needed for a consumer electronic product. This was part of the broader Microsoft sustainability goals to reduce the waste produced in consumer electronics. The ability to reclaim and reengineer waste is one step on our journey towards a more sustainable future. These innovations become inspiration and pivots from traditional mass production design and engineering through rethinking 'how' we use materials.

  • The consumer makes a conscientious decision to purchase a device that has a percentage of reclaimed waste from the world compared to a virgin plastic device. Although 20% is small, the lifetime volume of a mouse contributes to a significant amount of reclaimed waste. As we continue our innovation to use more reclaimed content, the sustainable value of the mouse improves. The success of this mouse exemplifies the value and importance of sustainable product making and the corporate responsibility of processes to our consumers. 20% reclaimed waste is just the start to more material innovation.

  • This project is to help reduce waste through a supply chain of reclaiming waste. We made the investments and applied resources to the development of this material, but we allow any manufacturer to openly source this resin. The collective goal of climate change and responsibility of sustainable product making cannot be proprietary or isolated. We must work together and share technologies we create and innovate to help make the world a better place. As more manufacturers use this resin, the supply chain of reclaiming PET waste improves and increases until it becomes efficient.

  • The aesthetic of the mouse is unique and provoking as it differentiates itself from the sea of black and silver PC peripherals. We wanted the expression to be authentic with no additional additives that prevented the ease of recyclability of the mouse parts. The natural outcome of the 20% PET mixed with the 80% virgin PC is a warm white translucent material. To further amplify this natural effect, and organic flake was added to the mix to further amplify the depth and layers of the material. It resembles a soft white stone on the sandy beaches. The additional of the teal accent alludes to where the plastic material was reclaimed. This innovation not only created a new resin for hardware, but inspired the team to rethink the traditional blister packaging that has accompanied this line of accessories for decades to produce a unique 100% paper pulp box with newly redefined out of box experience.