• 2017

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    Consumer Electronics

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Nvidia Corporation

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NVIDIA SHIELD TV is a streaming beast which runs the fastest, smoothest 4K video, infinite apps, and gaming PC quality titles from NVIDIA-powered gaming in the cloud or from your PC. The power to control every experience with your voice, even your home. It’s everything you want in one game-changing device.

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  • Nvidia SHIELD TV is 60% of the size from previous successor. The NVIDIA SHIELD TV design is inspired by the golden triangle and tessellation which symbolizes NVIDIA graphic chips processing polygons. Multiple forms disguise integrated intake/exhaust to optimize the cooling solution, allows the processor to work at its highest performance state providing users with incredible graphics. Asymmetrical design creates room for components and footprint to stand vertically. Varied triangle surface elevations prevents users from inserting the stand the wrong way.

  • With the powerful NVIDIA Tegra® X1processor, NVIDIA SHIELD TV is a streaming beast. It provides the best Google TV experience with PC gaming/Android gaming capability. Game on GeForce NOW™ to stream hit PC games from the cloud, instantly. Or cast your games from a GeForce® GTX rig to the comfort of your living room. And control every experience with your voice, even your home. Dim the lights, order an Uber, or change the temperature.

  • All Spot devices in the home are controlled though a single NVIDIA SHIELDTV. This provides a single controllable point of access into the home. Other devices on the market each have individual communication with Cloud and each is a separate potential access point for hackers from outside the home. The power and intelligence in the NVIDIA SHIELD TV allows much greater access blocking and control.

  • NVIDIA SHIELD TV works wonders with Nest devices, SmartThings ecosystem, and more. Simple speak to NVIDIA SPOT to control to save energy and money.

    With carefully placement and design of the internal components, we were able to minimize the part counts and size while optimizing performance of each aspect of the system (WiFi, Speaker, Microphones, Power Switch, and Indicting Light). The UI was also simplified to improve the user experience.

    NVIDIA Shield becomes your living AI entertainment at your home. Not only it will give a power to control your entertainment, it will be a centralized hub for your AI home with its smart peripheral, NVIDIA SPOT.

    With the powerful NVIDIA Tegra® X1 processor, NVIDIA SHIELD TV is the first TV streaming box to play PC quality games through the NVIDIA cloud service. With added NVIDIA Spot, NVIDIA SHIELD TV will be acting as the main hub, and you can quickly turn your ordinary house into an AI control smart home.