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As part of the Australian Government’s initiative to move 80% of aged care back into the home by 2020, NurseWatch combines premium home care and qualified medical professionals with an intuitive online booking process – addressing the untapped opportunity for instant, unlimited access to quality care, whenever you may need it.

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  • NurseWatch Founder Kate Spurway approached Cord & Berg with an idea to create the ultimate home care solution. The service is targeted at the fiercely independent Baby Boomer generation who need to book home care for their parents and/or close friends. Our challenge would be to introduce the idea of booking care online – making the process as intuitive as booking a flight, while positioning the brand as a premium, trustworthy service equally dedicated to medical needs as improving the wellbeing and social interactions of clients.

  • To administer care requires obtaining the client’s medical history. This meant the booking form would need to obtain a higher amount of information than the average online ‘checkout’ without the process becoming overwhelming or simply too long. To prevent users abandoning the process half way through we created a unique 7 step booking form, where the next step is only revealed once the previous step has been completed and validated. This design ensures the booking process is simple and user friendly on any device, and includes multiple touch points that allow users to reach the same information in different ways.

  • To effectively offer a premium care solution in the digital space we needed to rethink the traditional model. We did this by creating three booking categories; Wellness, Care and Social. Each category speaks to a different type of client. The packages focus on time rather than tasks, allowing for flexibility, consecutive bookings and tailored care programs. NurseWatch provides a service that is accessible day or night, made possible through online bookings and connecting to Deputy’s rostering API. The service provides non-invasive support to families - enriching the lives of elderly clients, within their own homes and without compromising on medical needs.

  • The NurseWatch brand and website were developed to be bright & warm but also secure and trustworthy. The complimenting Blues give a calm and modern tech feel while the subtle pops of Green represent the medical elements of the brand. We used large type, straight forward language and emotive imagery to accommodate the target audience and create a welcoming and compassionate environment - understanding that each purchase is an emotional one. The step by step validation throughout the booking process allows the website to 'check' availability with Deputy multiple times, preventing a double booking. Booking details are also reflected in a custom navigation giving the user a visual confirmation and allowing them to edit a previous step. Acceptance of those gender fluid was also an important part of the brief so aspects of the assessment form were carefully worded and assessed by LGBT organisations. A user only needs to fill in the assessment form (eg. medical history) once, after which they can click in and edit their answers at any time. NurseWatch plan to expand into multiple Burrows across NSW and eventually Australia – therefore the website’s CMS allows administers to add or remove accepted postcodes when this time comes.