Nissan Qashqai

  • 2015

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Designed By:

  • Nissan Design Team

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Nissan Motor Company

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The award-winning and critically acclaimed Nissan QASHQAI compact crossover offers premium comfort, innovative technologies and bold, attractive styling. The powerful curves, clean lines and intricate detail of the QASHQAI ensure it stands confidently and prominently in the Small SUV segment.

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  • The Nissan QASHQAI features a striking look with powerful curves, clean lines and intricate details including the availability of 19-inch alloy wheels. Through bold elements such as the raised bonnet line and muscular wheel arches, the QASHQAI conveys a feeling of dynamic strength. The powerful curves, clean lines and intricate detail of the all-new QASHQAI ensure it stands confidently and prominently in the Small SUV segment. With its signature Nissan V-motion grille, the QASHQAI's premium feel was developed with a range of styling devices usually found on more expensive luxury models. “The inspiration was threefold,” said Shiro Nakamura, Chief Creative Officer for Nissan. “Athletic Agility, Smart Premium and In Control are the themes that run through every element of the design.

  • Inside, Nissan designers have created a cabin that combines clarity, harmony and space. Thanks to its high shoulder line, occupants will feel protected, but combined with a high eye point the driver enjoys a better view of the road. In creating the QASHQAI's cabin, Nissan's design and engineering teams wanted to put the driver at the heart of the action. The car's numerous comfort, convenience and safety systems have been analysed and redesigned to give the driver easy access to all key controls. Thanks to an intuitive single interface, drivers are able to perfectly tailor the QASHQAI's functions to their needs. Versatility is another area where the QASHQAI excels. No area of the car's interior was overlooked in the pursuit of increased flexibility and optimum practicality. The boot, for example, has a luggage capacity of 430 litres with the rear seats in position - and improvement of 20 litres over the previous model. Load space flexibility is also impressive on QASHQAI TS, Ti and TL with a high-opening tailgate and a dual-floor system designed to provide a flexible and versatile load space. The two reversible floor panels can easily be raised or lowered proving 16 possible configurations to either maximise luggage volume or provide a completely flat floor with rear seats folded. Among the configurations is an under-floor storage option to keep valuables out of sight.

  • The QASHQAI Ti and TL grades boast an array of innovative and accessible technologies, designed to bring maximum convenience, comfort and driver engagement. Here are some examples: Around View® Monitor - provides a bird's eye view of the QASHQAI on the colour seven-inch QVGA Display, using four cameras placed around the vehicle. Moving Object Detection - provides visual and audible warnings when it detects an object moving both in front and behind the vehicle. Intelligent Park Assist - offers both reverse parallel and bay parking assistance. Intelligent Park Assist uses the four cameras on Nissan's Around View® Monitor system to assist the driver by steering the QASHQAI into the parking spot as the driver controls the brake and throttle. Driver Attention Support - ensures the QASHQAI 'gets to know you' so that it can tell when the driver is getting drowsy. After learning your driving style, the system will monitor inputs, showing a dashboard alert if steering becomes erratic, indicating the driver should take a break. Lane Departure Warning - detects if the car is starting to drift out of the lane. Advanced computer programming detects road markings allowing the QASHQAI to determine if it is driving out of position. If it does, and the driver is not operating the indicator, a warning is given to the driver to correct their road position. Blind Spot Warning - uses the rear view camera of the Around View Monitor system to detect vehicles in the hidden blind spot, illuminating a discreet warning light. If the driver indicates to change lanes and the system detects a vehicle in the danger area, the light flashes and an audible warning is given.

  • Many factors underpin the Nissan QASHQAI's customer appeal, including value. The entry-grade Nissan QASHQAI ST has a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $25,850 (which excludes all dealer delivery and government statutory charges) and has a generous list of standard equipment inclusions. It's among many reasons why the Nissan QASHQAI is one of Nissan's most popular models.