• 2016

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Nevhouse is an Australian company that has designed cyclone-rated affordable homes, schools and medical clinics made from recycled plastic and other waste products. Each structure is architect designed and able to withstand a Category 5 cyclone and operates on solar power and is assembled from kits in only a few days.

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  • The end-to-end user experience has been co-designed with people who live in these communities. Social research is conducted in order to understand the geographic, climatic, lifestyle, cultural, health and economic circumstances of the end user. Our lead architect - Ken McBryde (Principal HASSELL) - internationally recognised architect with extensive experience in indigenous architecture.

  • The architect designed structures have been delivered to and assembled in a remote village in Vanuatu known as the Enkatalei village on Tanna Island. Nevhouse has designed and built 13 community-based structures and 1 medical clinic for the 1,200 people living in the remote Enkatalei village on Tanna Island. Our structures are able to withstand a Category 5 cyclone, include solar power and also provide safety for all he people living in this village. The location and proposed use of each structure was done with extensive consultation and support from the local chiefs who live in the Enkatalei village.

  • This initial community development project in Vanuatu can be scaled to support the long term sustainable development objectives for the rebuild of Vanuatu. This includes the provision of more than 5,000 classrooms, medical clinics and houses over an agreed period - and also includes Nevhouse working with local people to enable them to become skilled and trained in assembling these structures. There is also a feasibility study to be undertaken on the establishment of a waste management and manufacturing facility in Vanuatu - to address the plastic waste problem and provide employment and other skills for the people living in Vanuatu.

  • We believe Nevhouse is the first company to design and build low cost, Category 5 cyclone proof houses from recycled plastic and wood composite materials. The uniquely designed house can support multiple uses and includes highly efficient extruded panels that have air cavities that provide a thermal buffer, and grooves that self-shade the panels during the day. The play of light and shade result in a design that fits in with traditional village vernacular. The Nevhouse buildings are half the price of conventional “bricks and mortar” construction and take only a few days to assemble. The modular system is delivered in “kits” that are simple to assemble making it a rapidly deployable solution.

    The Nevhouse solution has been designed by leading architects and engineers and includes the provision of solar power, clean water and sanitation solutions. This enables community-based deployments to deliver social benefits for people living in remote rural areas who would otherwise not have access to electricity and reliable power from an “off the grid” solution. Education, health and employment benefits are also delivered to ensure the social impacts for these communities are maximised.