Nespresso Prodigio&milk

  • 2016

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

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The Prodigio&milk, Nespresso’s first generation connected machine utilises connected Bluetooth Smart ® Technology to delight Nespresso customers. This ‘intelligent’ machine simplifies the coffee experience by offering a Scheduled Brewing function, Capsule Stock Management and Maintenance Alert capabilities. Linked via the renowned Nespresso app, this connected machine delivers the ultimate coffee convenience.

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  • Never run out of capsules again with the Capsule Stock Management function. Track your capsule stock in real time so you know exactly when to re-order. Then with a simple click in the app, you can duplicate your last order or create a new one

  • Program your coffee to brew at your desired time with the Scheduled Brewing function. Prepare your morning coffee the night before and wake up to your favourite Grand Cru.

  • Simplified machine assistance and care that's always there for you ensures that you are informed whenever attention is required.

  • Allows for adaptability to any home with a modular water tank and Aeroccino that changes to fit into a number of tricky spaces.

    Load up your machine in advance without piercing the capsule to ensure freshness and quality is maintained.