Nespresso BARISTA: Innovation Meets Creative Design

  • 2019

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    Domestic Appliances

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Nespresso blends innovation and creativity with its latest milk frothing innovation, Barista. First in its category, Barista’s sleek design meets the latest in appliance technology, allowing consumers to connect via the Nespresso app using Bluetooth to create dozens of their own recipes at home at the touch of a button.

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  • An increased café culture over the years has created a nation of coffee lovers. Nespresso created its unique technologically advanced BARISTA milk frother, enabling Australians from coffee novices to virtuosos, to create classic hot or cold coffee and milk-based recipes. Favourites such as a Flat White, Mocha, or for the kids, a babyccino are on the menu. For the adventurous, try something different like the Iced Nitro. BARISTA supports Nespresso’s reputation for delivering innovative product designs and beautiful aesthetics, while still offering customers versatility and choice. For time-poor customers, Nespresso has made the internal jug, lid and whisk dishwasher safe.

  • Nespresso BARISTA exceeded the brief through two-pronged design solutions: the blend of ergonomic design with technological innovation. The design is futuristic in a timeless style, with its sleek, matte-black body, and sterling silver finishes; BARISTA is the perfect addition to any modern kitchen. As Nespresso’s first connected milk frothing device, BARISTA fuses this style with technology. The interface can hold 13 recipes via the integrated touch screen but allows consumers to choose from 22 recipes that can be alternated depending on their mood. BARISTA allows consumers to also create a list of their favourite recipes connecting to the Nespresso app.

  • The coffee market in Australia is becoming ever-crowded, with café culture on the rise and an increase in competition in the at-home coffee consumption category. BARISTA created positive Commercial Impact for the Nespresso business by inspiring a coffee-loving nation to release their inner Barista, while differentiating from competitor brands. With BARISTA, Nespresso cements itself as a brand that stand for continuous innovation and impeccable product design, highlighted through its continued excellent performance on Nespresso’s direct channels and proves that innovation is well received in the Australian market.

  • BARISTA marks a world-first in the milk frothing category from Nespresso. The stylish and technologically innovative BARISTA offers a wide range of features, all designed to create the ultimate coffee experience for consumers at the touch of a button. Key features include: • An integrated touch screen with over 20 recipes available for hot, cold and chocolate-based coffees, from a simple Latte to a frothy Cappuccino, or intricate Iced Nitro • Connection via Bluetooth to the Nespresso app to discover and download more recipes • Eco-mode after 3 minutes to save energy • An induction system for uniform heating and optimised recipe preparation • A dishwasher-safe internal jug, whisk and lid