• 2019

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

Designed By:

  • Yezi Tian

Commissioned By:

Yezi Tian

Designed In:


The owner is an international student from Singapore, so the youthfulness and environmental awareness are the main drivers of the project. All construction materials are chosen based on green principles and integrated with contemporary art.

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  • The design difficulty of this case is that it is necessary to re-engineer the unreasonable pattern. In the design of the master bedroom, it is necessary to expand the capacity of the cloakroom, so the part of the second lying channel is sacrificed into the master bedroom to achieve practical and artistic coexistence.

  • I used the living balcony on the back of the kitchen without too much use to the public restroom, making the bathroom a little wider and adding a shower. In the kitchen, the cooking room with soot is separately separated, so that the fumes will not affect the public area. And separate the separate cloakroom and living room in the design of the master bedroom, so that the owner can also have a small space in his room.

  • Environmental protection and art are the goals that I have always pursued. Therefore, this case incorporates environmentally-recyclable materials into the design and eliminates all non-recyclable materials such as plastic products.

  • In this design, I also set the color in the earth color system, which is more appropriate to nature, and introduces the outdoor color into the room. It also makes the owner feel no visual fatigue in the living, and is more practical and home feeling.