Narva Ultima 175 & 225 Enhanced Optic LED Driving Lights

  • 2019

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The Ultima 175 and 225 Enhanced Optic LED driving light combines the partnership of enhanced ‘Optic Drive’ technology and the latest in CREE® XHP LEDs to capture and harness the light output, precisely focusing it for maximum volume and penetration where it’s needed most.

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  • LED technology is dominating the modern driving light market, with much choice for consumers interested in a forward lighting solution for their vehicle. As more powerful and compact L.E.Ds are developed, lights are developed with higher light outputs, but also place more demand from the vehicle's electrical system. Although L.E.D lighting traditionally draws less current, with so many L.E.D integrated into modern lighting draw can even exceed those of halogen and HID equivalents, causing performance and longevity issues. There are also affordability issues with high-end, modern L.E.D automotive lighting, which can command up to $1000 per pair of lamps.

  • Using the technologies adopted in Narva's popular Ultima 215 high performance lamps, Narva sought to apply many of these innovations to the Ultima 175 and 225, to deliver a more cost-conscious package (around half the cost of premium offerings) while still offering outstanding performance. As well as taking inspiration from the Ultima 215, Narva analysed the premium offerings of competitors, developing detailed performance mapping that allowed its engineers to design and test one of the world’s best performance driving lights, while at the same time utilising their extensive knowledge of Australian conditions for all the support features including mounting rigidity.

  • The Ultima 175 and 225 Enhanced Optic L.E.D driving lights have outstanding performance matched with a sophisticated European design that enhances vehicle appearance. In spite of the intensive development input of these lamps, production costs were minimised to ensure affordability as a mid-tier offering, while still outperforming the competition by providing a lower current draw, thereby reaching the original objectives. The lamps have been successfully launched locally and internationally, replacing sales of traditional H.I.D lamps which are favoured in the market and demonstrate the capability of L.E.D and clever engineering as opposed to simply adding more L.E.Ds to gain performance.

  • • Enhanced free-form ‘Optic Drive’ technology to more efficiently direct light • High Colour Rendering Index (CRI) improves visibily with reduced glare increased clarity and depth of field perception (5000K) • Engineered to fit all popular bull bar and nudge bar makes and models • Integrated anti-fog feature via internal heatsink which directs heat build-up out via reflector vents to eliminate chances of fogging and condensation. • Built-In signature LED Light Pipe approved for front position • Integrated 3 Way DT Connector • Super strong tough glass reinforced polymer housing and bracket • Built-in ‘Active Thermal Managment System’ (ATMS) • Virtually unbreakable hardcoated polycarbonate Lens and Lens Protector • Fully sealed against water and dust ingress (IP66 & IP67) • Available in Broad Beam, Pencil Beam or Combination Kit (includes ‘Plug n Play’ Wiring Harness)