LAPOD lap desk

  • 2021

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    Housewares and Objects

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objct co

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Whether you’re a digital nomad or a remote worker, LAPOD allows you to easily and comfortably work from anywhere. The Australian designed lap desk holds accessories such as chargers, cables, portable drives or even a pen and pad.

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  • We are now more than ever a remote workforce carrying with us all our devices, peripherals, and connected things. Packed away in our bag or hidden in a drawer somewhere, our things when sought after, can be inconvenient and interrupt our flow. And yet if laid out in front of us when unused like an Instagram #flatlay, they are distracting. The design challenge was to create the convenient, practical, and frictionless user experience of having your work accessories at your fingertips whilst simultaneously providing the necessary blank slate with which one can attain mental clarity and focus for work.

  • The design solution represents a series of realisations: 1/ A lap desk cushion does not need to be made from upholstered foam or beanbag material to be 'soft'. 2/ There is no reason that lap desks should be rectilinear in form, like laptops. Instead, the lap desk 'type form' should be curved/ organic in arrangement to be more suited to the human form. 3/ Having a removable work surface means whatever is on top does not need to be removed to reach whatever is inside (like a hinged lid would, versus here moving the work surface in a planar direction).

  • Taking its cues from the crossover of our home and work environments, LAPOD is a product suited to either; be it working on a laptop in a breakout space of an open-plan office or relaxing into the softness of a lounge suite at home to write to someone close who is very far away. Traversing these boundaries yields small freedoms that impact a person's work and life in meaningful ways. Just as impactful is a design that endures both materially and aesthetically but will easily be reclaimed through sustainable processes at its eventual end-of-life.

  • / Stores your work essentials / Work from anywhere / Sustainable materials / Generous worksurface area / Cable routing for your devices/ portable drives/ power packs / Raised worksurface reduces wrist strain & neck-craning / Ergonomic form suits any sitting position / Quick opening action to the storage compartment / Leave your work uninterrupted when you slide the worksurface open to access your stuff / Minimal Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic with a tactile feel / Worksurface subtle grain texture works with any computer mouse / Insulating materials create a thermal buffer keeping both your lap and your laptop cool Separable parts to efficiently pack into your travel bag (no 'dead air') / Suits 11-inch, 13"inch, 15"inch laptops (& some 17"inch) / Designed in Melbourne / Australian owned / Extremely sturdy & lightweight / Built to last a very long time