Nami Collection

  • 2022

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    Furniture and Lighting

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NAU Design

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The Nami Collection is a considered flat packing range designed to last a lifetime without compromising on the quality or strength of a traditional solid timber construction. The Nami collection is a minimal design centred around interlocking timber components that may be assembled or disassembled with a single Allen key.

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  • The key to the Nami collection was to develop a flat packing solid timber range that may compete with traditional glued and permanently assembled tables without compromise in strength, longevity or aesthetics. The resulting collection is produced entirely in Australia with the opportunity to sell anywhere in the world and importantly can fit into any space no matter how large or small. The most challenging point in the collection was to offer a collection that was refined and light and yet without compromise in strength.

  • The Nami collection resulted in a system that can be assembled with a single Allen key and produce in table sizes in unlimited length or size. The collection comprises of a flat packing table, bed and lounge design all designed to celebrate the beauty of natural solid timber. A unique horizontal grain detail celebrates the beauty of natural timber and is carried across the collection from soft sled base seating to sculptural table base designs. Soft and inviting integrated upholstery flows around the curving form and down into the leg resulting in an elegant and truly inviting form.

  • The Nami collection is a quiet considered range named after its soft, subtle flowing forms. The collection originated from research and exploration into the essential key furniture items needed for any home unbiased by scale or location of how people live. Upon closer inspection the Nami range reveals incredibly refined solid timber detailing underpinned by a sculptural and yet restrained shaped wooden construction, acting as a true celebration of the Australian artisans involved in the making of each piece.

  • The collection is manufactured from sustainably sourced FSC rated plantation timber and may be entirely disassembled to its raw components. Importantly this also allows for table top or components to be repaired or replaced over time, truly designed to last a lifetime.