MTP8000ex Series Two-way Radio

  • 2016

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Motorola Solutions Innovation Design and Development Engineering Teams

Commissioned By:

Motorola Solutions

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The MTP8000Ex Series two-way radio addresses the unique conditions present in firefighting, petroleum, and other hazardous, explosion prone environments while offering superior audio, battery life, coverage, and ergonomics . The T-shape profile, exaggerated control knob, enlarged keys, large color display, and secondary top display offer purpose-built, “glove-able” functionality.

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  • Researchers and Designers paid close attention to the tasks, conditions, and environments experienced by Fire Service, Petroleum, and other hazardous location workers. Their findings and insights were developed into solutions improving worker safety, convenience, and communication. These solutions resulted in the improved and redefined user experience offered by the MTP8000ex Two-way radio.

  • With an intuitive user interface, large main display and secondary top display making it easier to see emergency notifications, talk group status or battery condition, the MTP8000Ex Series is designed to be easier to use. The T-Bar housing profile enables a positive handheld grip. The exaggerated control knob, tactile keypad, enlarged emergency button, and textured PTT button enable gloved usage in extreme environments. The innovative personal/group nameplate allows multiple radios to be physically identified and tracked.

  • The MTP8000Ex Radio Series has been carefully engineered to address workers' needs and offer the ultimate in safe, reliable and efficient communications in hazardous or explosion prone environments. Meeting the latest V6 ATEX and IECEx standard, this next generation of TETRA ATEX radios represents a significant step forward in mission critical communications designed for end-users who work in areas with potentially explosive gases, chemical vapors, flammable liquids or combustible dust.

  • The MTP8000Ex Series radios have integrated Bluetooth wireless technology, providing a secure link to devices, which can be matched to the specific needs of the worker. These collaborative solutions combine devices and applications which can measure and report user heart rate, location, hazardous gas detection, and collaborative data from PCs or other devices.

    Fast wireless Push-To-Talk buttons can be used when protective clothing and gloves make it difficult to reach the radio. Wireless headsets and microphones can be worn under protective clothing so workers can communicate clearly in hazardous environments without actually touching the device. An ATEX approved rugged Noise cancelling microphone is also available. (See companion entry)