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Mine Site Technologies

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MST’s new family of smart infrastructure products represent the next generation in integrated multi-functional high-speed network solutions for mining and tunneling environments providing the highest performing network platforms enabling simultaneous voice, video, data transmissions,and IoT, Cloud and Edge Computing applications to operate at maximum functionality at any scale.

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  • Design a robust and fit for purpose high speed,future proofed digital communications based“plug and play“ modular platform, providing; • High speed TCP/IP Network Switching • PoE+ power source for ancillary devices • Wireless bridging (Access Point)– multi-band radio updateable to evolving technology and standards • Control and automation – supporting sensors, actuators, IoT, data collection and control. • Distributed edge computing. • Innovative Power distribution • Power managed – power optimization and prioritization + central management • Fully compatible with the existing MST integrated power, fibre distribution infrastructure, voice and geolocation (tracking) technologies. • Ease of installation and replacement • International sales and approvals. • Clear display of operational status

  • The resulting form of the product led to achieving all that was required and provided additional benefits beyond the design brief.The aesthetic of the solution is of a highly unique character whilst proving totally practical. Axon Core, the hub for mounting,backbone TCP/IP switching, managed power and signal distribution.Dual expansion modules. Axon Edge providing edge computing, sensing, monitoring and control. Axon Power providing PoE+ port expansion and 12, 24 & 48v power for ancillary devices. The Axon Air (Access point) can be mounted, operate standalone and is daisy chainable over 3 units.

  • Along points of the fibre optic composite cabled infrastructure, a device now exists to power up to seven 3rd party PoE+ devices, provide 12,24 or 48v to 3rd party devices, allow radio bridging (Access points) to current and emerging radio standards of up to 3 devices and up to 300 metres from this central point, process local information from current loop based or logic level sensors allowing control both via local or control room applications whilst providing high speed TCP/IP control, switching/routing splitting to other areas of the mine. A marked commercial benefit for any mines communication infrastructure.

  • 4 key products were developed that all merge to form a single point high speed network solution AXON CORE - NETWORK PLATFORM • Operates from 20 - 60 Volts DC • 3 x 1Gbps Optic Fibre + Power ports • 3 x 1Gbps PoE+ ports • 1 x 1Gbps radio module port with proprietary PoE • Combined PoE power output 120W • Support for VLANS, SNMP, RSTP, MSTP, LLDP & QoS management • LED indicators for power, PoE, fibre status and radio port status • IP67 rated AXON AIR - ACCESS POINT • Easily deployable PoE wireless access point • Receives power & data via a single Cat5 cable • IP67 Rugged housing • Up to 3 units can be daisy chained via 100m CAT5 cable with 1Gbps data • Multiple antenna options • Semi-skilled labour installation • Low power consumption • 802.11 meshing AXON EXPANSION MODULES – Edge and Power • Independent modules for power management, control automation and other edge computing capabilities • Easily installed and maintained • Cost-effective solution To achieve utter strength and remain electrically safe, to IT safety standards for distributed equipment, compression moulded plastics were chosen – the design, art and use of the materials used have yielded a highly robust structure able to withstand the abuse and rigour encountered in mining and tunnelling environs.