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The Australian Government

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The Mosaic app assists LGBTI people to better plan their ageing, assist care teams to better know their clients and to build safe inclusive practice. Mosaic allows organisations to benchmark and market their safe inclusive care and to learn how to build a safer, more inclusive service for LGBTI people.

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  • LGBTI people have historically faced significant barriers to accessing aged care. A history of pathologisation of homsexuality and transgenderism as mental health disorders, and a history of discrimination, stigma and ostracising by family inform this community’s engagement with providers. Mosaic set out to engage the LGBTI communities in the design of a product that would assist them to better plan their ageing and to involve their families of choice, care teams and aged care organisations in that process. Mosaic also addresses the lack of visibly inclusive service providers by allowing organisations to develop and market their inclusive care services.

  • Mosaic empowers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people to better manage their own care, to support them to be active participants in decisions around aged care services they receive, and to improve overall health outcomes. Containing resources for LGBTI people, their partners, families of choice, aged care workers, and aged care service providers, the app is designed so that everyone can make informed choices and receive better quality, safe and inclusive care. Aged care service providers can profile their safe inclusive services and receive guidance on strengthening their commitment to an LGBTI inclusive service.

  • Mosaic will have a tremendous impact on the quality of life of the ageing LGBTI community and the aged care system as a whole. It will achieve this by engaging LGBTI people as active participants in planning their ageing while ensuring that their families of choice are involved in the process. It hopes to improve care practice by building awareness and offering a platform for care teams and organisations to learn the importance of culturally safe, inclusive, person-centred care. Directly scalable to all marginalised communities who live with similar challenges, the potential impact of Mosaic is immeasurably large.

  • Key features include: My Story – A tool to help LGBTI individuals and clients foster more meaningful relationships by lowering the barrier to share important information that can impact their future and their family’s future. My Plan – A repository of critical guidance and resources to help LGBTI individuals and their guardians plan and secure the future they want as they age. My Practice – A repository of resources to help care teams provide appropriate, safe, inclusive care. Our Commitment – A tool for aged care organisations to benchmark and market their commitment to safe inclusive care. Guidance – A repository of critical guidance and resources to help age care organisations build safer, more inclusive care environments. Services – A marketplace to browse and compare inclusive aged care organisations. All content in the above is editable via a content management system (CMS) to ensure the content can be refined and stay up to date. The 3-in-1 structure of MOSAIC offers transparency and enhances trust. LGBTI individuals and their guardians can see what care teams and organisations are being taught, while care teams and organisations can see what LGBTI individuals go through, conversations they should expect to have and what resources they should expect to offer.