Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FDTC Compact Ceiling Cassette

  • 2020

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

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The new FDTC compact ceiling cassette air conditioner presents a winning combination of comfort-centric European design and innovative Japanese engineering. Ultra-slim, with a modern, minimalistic design that allows the unit to blend in unobtrusively with the room interior, the FDTC offers powerful, yet energy-efficient performance.

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  • With the rise in electricity costs and awareness around climate change, along with many air conditioners considered ‘bulky’ and ‘unattractive’, MHI’s goal was to develop a modern, minimalistic air conditioner that could easily integrate into any home or commercial environment while delivering higher energy efficiencies, complete user comfort, lower running costs and ultimately, a reduced environmental impact than current air conditioning models on the market.

  • Having analysed the feedback from our extensive market research, we’ve developed a minimalistic, yet functional design of the new FDTC series. Its design features an ultra-slim panel fitting within 10mm from the ceiling surface, a new honeycomb-shaped grille, superior in strength and aesthetics to its lattice-shaped predecessors, and large, smoothly rounded louvres for even air distribution. Also, we’ve introduced 4 additional individually controlled louvres designed to direct airflow horizontally along the ceiling, eliminating uncomfortable hot or cold draughts. A motion sensor adjusts room temperature depending on the amount of human activity in the room saving energy and minimising running costs.

  • With the recent extreme temperatures, we’re aware of the important role air conditioners play in keeping Australians comfortable. We’re also considerate of the impact these air conditioners have on the environment so by delivering a high-efficiency air conditioner that utilises less energy, we’re hoping to reduce the impact we have on the environment while also helping our customers live and work in a comfortable environment no matter what the weather. By raising the bar in the expected energy efficiency of air conditioners, we’re hoping to improve the industry standard and encourage all manufacturers to improve their overall designs.

  • FDTC incorporates an intelligent motion sensor that monitors activity levels within the room, takes into consideration body heat and movement within the space and automatically adjusts the set temperature accordingly. If no activity is detected, the unit will turn off automatically, saving energy and minimising running costs. Weighing only 16.5kgs (including panel) and with the main body height of only 248mm, the new FDTC series can be easily installed in a huge range of applications where space may be limited. FDTC features an improved fan blade design that allowed reducing pressure fluctuation and improving aerodynamic performance resulting in a whisper-quiet operation of the indoor unit (at a low fan speed). In addition, FDTC boasts higher energy efficiency, due to improved compressor design and utilisation of the new R32 refrigerant.