Mioplay Sensory Toy Range

  • 2019

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The Sensory Toy range is Australia’s first antibacterial infant teething product providing parents with a safe, non-toxic solution to supporting the development of their children. Designed by a team of designers, biomedical engineers and doctors, this product range promotes key developmental learning stages of infants through target sensory stimulation.

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  • In recent years the safety of infant teething toys has been questioned, with mould being found inside multiple products. Mioplay conducted an online "user needs" survey asking customers what they wanted from a new teething product. Over 2000 parents responded, requesting a product which was bacteria resistant, easy to clean and provided more benefits than just teething relief. Further research discovered that products on the market were not steriliser or dishwasher safe, appliances used daily by the customer. Redefining the essential "baby teether", to deliver more function and greater peace of mind for parents was the brief.

  • The Sensory Toy range was carefully developed by a team of biomedical engineers, designers and doctors. Using materials and manufacturing processes form the medical device industry we were able to develop an antibacterial solution that is steriliser, dishwasher and freezer safe. The carefully designed form, textures and colours of each product has been specifically created to support the key developmental learning milestone of infants; visual stimulation, cognitive development, motor skills as well as teething relief. The strap accessory enables the range to transform from a teething tool to an educational toy, enhancing the function, use and life of the product.

  • The Sensory Toy range design has delivered a unique developmental learning product with enhanced safety features. The design addresses the concern and risk of harmful bacteria exposure to infants, providing parents with greater peace of mind and confidence in child safety. Every year, the baby product industry contributes hundreds of tons of plastic waste to landfill. With common design trends in the industry reflecting, single function, short life products, this is a growing problem. The Sensory Toy design focus of combining the function of four sensory stimulation products in one, reduces parenting household consumption of non-recyclable, single function, plastic toys.

  • The 100% non-toxic, food grade silicone product range is created with a "soft feel" finish simulating the texture of skin, creating a calming and tactile experience for infants. The solid compression moulded construction, with smooth contouring surfaces has been designed to eliminate grooves and cavities in which bacteria can grow. The strap attachment has a secure snap clip design and non-slip rubber strap, enabling easy attachment to prams/carriers and high chairs. Transforming the product to enhance its educational benefits and integration in daily parenting routines. Key educational benefits include; Visual Stimulation: Between 3-6 months, newborns have very sensitive vision. The toys clear silhouette shape combined with the pastel colour pallet ensures a calming visual stimulation experience. Motor Skills: Between 2-4 months, babies develop eye & hand coordination. The toys facilitate the development of fine motor skills and are carefully designed to be easy to grasp. Cognition: Cognitive development is supported through sensory stimulation - specific sensory texture patterns on each design offers new stimulation to assist this process. Teething: Between 4-6 months infants begin to explore the world though newly developed nerve endings in their mouths. The 100% silicone (freezer safe) material supports relief for sore gums during teething.