Milwaukee M18 FUEL™ Mud Mixer

  • 2020

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed In:

Hong Kong

The M18 FUEL™ Mud Mixer with 180° handle is the industry’s first dedicated cordless solution. Powerful enough to mix heavy compounds, from stucco to concrete. For unmatched comfort and control, the tool features a 180-degree adjustable handle. Users can simply adjust the handle to their preferred handle positions.

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  • Mug mixing is a repetitive task so adjustable, ambidextrous controls would allow different users to utilize the same tool throughout the day. Designing the 180-degree rotatable handle was a technical challenge for durability, function and user’s interaction. Capability to perform an entire day’s work with the performance of a corded mixer was needed to convince users that this tool was up to the task. Adjustable speed control using both a variable speed trigger and a speed dial was needed to meet the user mixing preferences and requirements. Users required fine control for some materials, while more leverage for heavier compounds.

  • We set out to develop a brand-new cordless product that met the needs of the professional user. During research and site visits, we utilized prototypes and observed users to develop the 180-degree adjustable side handle. Typical mud mixing tools on the market are generally repurposed AC drills with an additional fixed handle installed with limited options for adjustment. The M18 FUEL™ Mud Mixer’s side handle can be repositioned without tools, and the speed control dial is on the centerline to allow for speed adjustments with either hand. All these features allow users to complete tasks efficiently with maximum ergonomic comfort.

  • The M18 FUEL™ Mud Mixer with 180° Handle has been designed to improve the comfort and efficiency of the user. Mixing products is a repetitive task and when the user can customize the grip to their preference, it can help to reduce fatigue over a day’s work. The handle rotates 180 degrees allowing for both right and left-handed users. When the material to be mixed is stiff, the handles can be set at their widest point providing additional leverage which lessens the chance for error or injury. The cordless design allows users to mix products when power is not available.

  • The side handle can rotate 180 degrees and the speed control is in the center allowing for true ambidextrous use. The user can adjust the handle configuration for more leverage while mixing heavy materials, or for personal preference. The trigger lock-on allows the user to remove their finger from the trigger allowing for a better grip and less fatigue over a day’s work. The battery location was designed to centralize the weight over the mixing paddle and not interfere with the user while operating the tool. The chuck key is stored in the handle for convenience. The brushless motor has excellent power for smooth and consistent mixing. The M18 FUEL™ Mud Mixer has the power and capacity to complete a typical day’s work, minimizing downtime.