Milu Odourless Toilet

  • 2020

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Expella Pty Ltd

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Australian ventilation specialist Expella is entering its Milu Odourless toilet for consideration in the Good Design Awards. Featuring Expella’s patented Odour Control Device (OCD), odours are quietly extracted from the toilet bowl and discharged directly into the sewer before they can be released into the bathroom.

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  • At the heart of the design challenge is the desire to eliminate unpleasant toilet odours from bathrooms. Ventilation systems that make toilets odourless have existed on the market previously, but had their limitations. Many of the systems are complex, difficult to install, and not suited to all dwellings (e.g apartments). Some toilet systems duct odours outside, others are bulky, noisy and costly to install and maintain. The Expella team identified an opportunity to utilise their ventilation experience to develop a technology that would improve the effectiveness of odourless toilets, making them self-contained, easy to install and suitable for all applications.

  • The unique idea of discharging odours directly into the sewer is key to solving the design challenge. Expella designed the game-changing Odour Control Device (OCD) incorporating a powerful but compact extraction fan that draws air from the toilet bowl and a non-return valve preventing sewer smells from being released into the room. The OCD is small enough to fit inside a toilet cistern yet powerful enough to exceed performance expectations. Milu Odourless’ range features several toilet designs that have been modified to accommodate Expella’s OCD. The OCD has been recognised by Standards Australia and The Plumbing Code of Australia.

  • From a SOCIAL point of view, Milu Odourless removes the discomfort and embarrassment of unwanted toilet odours. The technology also significantly reduces airborne bacteria in the bathroom, enabling a healthier bathroom environment. The ENVIRONMENTAL benefit is the removal of aerosols and harmful chemicals from the bathroom. Perhaps most significant is the COMMERCIAL impact to the bathroom industry. Currently the OCD is available in the Milu Odourless toilet, but has the ability to be integrated into any toilet suite. Conversations are being held with prominent toilet brands meaning the OCD could become the new standard in toilets.

  • The Milu Odourless toilet with its Odour Control Device (OCD) is a world-first Australian design, discharging unpleasant bathroom odours directly into the sewer. The product confidently performs its function, with independent tests from UNSW confirming that it is up to 99.7% effective at removing odours. The Milu Odourless toilet is maintenance free and easy to install by licensed tradespeople. With the odourless function activated by either a manual switch (eg. light switch), or a specially designed PIR Sensor, it operates the same as any traditional toilet. The Milu Odourless toilet is energy-efficient, and removes the need for aerosols and harmful chemicals. The odourless toilet also reduces the demand for an overhead fan, particularly in a powder room. Expella has delivered a quality product at a competitive price. The commercial potential of the OCD is limitless and certainly one of the most compelling aspects to this product. With the ability to make any toilet odourless, Expella’s OCD can be adopted by toilet manufacturers globally, giving them an edge on competitors and offering customers added benefits. This pioneering spirit and commercial potential will undoubtedly increase the brand value of Expella and bring sound ROI to the investment made on design and development.