Miele DGD 4635 Pressure Steam Oven

  • 2016

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    Domestic Appliances

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Miele Design Center

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Miele Pressure Steam Oven

World’s first built-in domestic pressure steam oven.

Miele Power Steam Technology cuts cooking times in half.

Semi-professional appearance, wide range of applications, made by Miele in Germany.

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  • As the fastest and most powerful built-in steam oven in the world, the Miele DGD 4635 Pressure Steam Oven sets new standards in the kitchen. Like all Miele steam ovens, it is ideal for pressureless steam cooking, defrosting and reheating at precisely controlled temperatures between 40 and 100 degrees. However, it is its unique PowerSteam technology which really sets this steam oven apart from all others, facilitating pressure steam cooking at temperatures up to 120 degrees, effectively cutting cooking times in half. With its powerful 5 kW steam generator and plumbed-in water connection, the Miele Pressure Steam Oven offers the shortest possible heat-up times and is always ready at a moments notice.

  • Thanks to its CleanSteel stainless steel finish and semi-professional appearance, the Miele DGD 4635 will be a visual highlight in any well-made kitchen. The minimalistic design focuses on the essentials: a solid, round stainless steel door provides intuitive access to the pressure vessel via the characteristic black, insulated handle, whilst two seven-segment displays guide the user through all available functions and settings. At the base of the unit is an integrated stainless steel pull-out shelf / pot rest, which is invaluable for resting cooking containers and also prevents droplets of water from potentially dripping onto the floor when emptying the unit after use.

  • The Miele DGD 4635 Pressure Steam Oven is ideal for steaming a wide variety of foods, including vegetables, meat, seafood, rice, pasta, eggs and fruit. Its generous 19 l capacity and three shelf levels provide the facility to prepare complete menus in the one cooking programme. As a true multi-talent, it also offers a wide range of special applications, such as reheating, defrosting, bottling, extracting juice, making yoghurt, proving dough, melting chocolate, rendering fat, disinfecting items, decrystallising honey and even heating damp towels. Operation and programming is simple and self-explanatory, and consists of simply selecting the required operating mode, cooking temperature and time.

  • The DGD 4635 features complex safety systems, which will effectively protect the user from potential harm. These include an electronic temperature sensor inside the cooking chamber, a series of three independent pressure release devices, and the fact that the pressure vessel itself can withstand a maximum pressure of 6 bar. The automatic cool-down function ensures that there is no excess steam billowing out of the oven when opening the door, and that food will be at the ideal serving temperature at the end of the programme. The unit also features an electronic lock to prevent it from being switched on by accident, and also to prevent key settings from being altered whilst the oven is in use.

    With the vast majority of external and internal components being made of high-quality stainless steel, the Miele DGD 4635 Pressure Steam Oven certainly oozes quality. Made by Miele in Germany, the DGD 4635 is designed and tested for a useful product life of 20 years under normal household use. The fact that Miele products are used longer in the home than other brands before being resold or disposed of due to a defect was validated in a 2006 study performed by the German consumer research organization GfK: according to this study, new Miele appliances remained in use after their initial purchase for an average of 17.0 years, whilst the average useful life of other brands was only 13.7 years.

    Given its superior technology, long life expectancy and diverse range of applications, the initial investment in a Miele DGD 4635 Pressure Steam Oven does represent outstanding value for money in the long term. In some European markets, the iconic and easily recognisable design of this pressure steam oven has become somewhat of a 'face' for Miele cooking and effectively supported business growth for the entire category. In view of the fact that the original concept of the very first Miele Pressure Steam Oven was already launched in Germany more than thirty years ago, this has already resulted in a positive return on the investment made on the design.

    Whilst the roots of Miele's first Pressure Steam Oven go back as far as 1983, the design is still new and original, as the DGD 4635 currently still remains the only domestic built-in pressure steam oven in the world. With steam cooking having become a global megatrend, and today's busy lifestyles demanding time-saving cooking solutions, the Miele DGD 4635 Pressure Steam Oven perfectly meets the increasing demand for the introduction of semi-professional technologies in domestic kitchens.