MC3300 Mobile Computer by Zebra Technologies

  • 2018

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Zebra Technologies

Designed In:

United Kingdom

The MC33 mobile computer is a mid-tier device for the hard-working environments such as retail, warehouse management and manufacture. It’s loaded with innovative features – such as multiple form factors for easier scanning, advanced long-range data capture capabilities, a tough and rugged exterior and much more.

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  • MC33 is a next generation product that needed to replace its predecessor both as a tech refresh as well as hardware. That said as our customer base is far and wide it was required to design certain elements to be backwards compatible. This meant the re-use of existing cradles and batteries to enable partners and customers to upgrade in a manner that suits their needs. Multiple form factors were required to align with users’ needs ranging from the need of a gun grip through to scan engines of various capabilities near and far.

  • MC33 has successfully been designed to incorporate 5 configurations, ranging from what we call a gun, brick and rotate options as well as multiple updated accessories. We managed to fit a larger display, providing more touch screen options for the ever-evolving progression in warehousing management yet retain use-able keypads, all within a small growth to the length of the existing model. Backwards compatibility was maintained with easy to install adapters converting old connectors to new more durable versions. Updated Batteries were designed with fool proof features preventing cross use from new to old devices.

  • Manufacture was key to reduce the number of tools and re-use various elements. Front housings and keypads were used across multiple builds, yet provide multiple options to our customers for a range of different engines large and small, angled or straight shooting. We managed this by the re-use of parts across many configurations allowing a degree of flexibility and optimization for orders. Backwards compatibility enables existing customer’s infrastructure to seamlessly work with new devices.

  • **Retained a small form factor** - only growing the device by an approx 12mm to allow for a larger more use-able display. **Great ergonomics** - by maintaining the smaller footprint we were able to keep good balance and ergonomics to the device in all configurations. **Scan Ergonomics** - Through Human factors testing and validation we introduced a new brick configuration where the scan engine is angled at 45 degrees, increasing flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of scan use cases, reducing stress in the wrist, and improving screen visibility to the user. **Finger grips** - on the brick and Rotate configurations additional finger grip details were provided to increase the use, switching from traditional style grip to mid-level touch screen use including all ranges of hand sizes. **Rugged** - It’s IP54 sealed against dust and spills, and the touchscreen is made of scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass, yet, it is sleek and sophisticated enough for front-of-store as well as back room warehouse use. Even further durability is provided with the use of rubber boots. **World Class data capture** - with various integrated scan engines we have been able to provide high and low impact scanning performance as well as long range scanning of up to 70 feet.