Maxi-Cosi Vita Pro Convertible Car Seat

  • 2019

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

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Dorel Australia

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Vita Pro, the first compact child restraint in Australia offering Safety Shield, individually adapted patented head and torso crash protection, with luxury fabrics, tailored for child comfort. Finally a restraint product solution exists where parents no longer need to compromise to better accommodate their growing family or small vehicles.

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  • Convertible car seats, which are installed rearward facing, are often the most cumbersome restraint category, due to the fragility of infants and toddlers and their special safety requirements. Most Australian families have multiple children and with the density of modern society increasing each year, sales of compact vehicle classes have increased. Parents demand the best safety and comfort options for their child but often have to compromise on these values, choosing a restraint that’s better suited to their lifestyle instead. Until now, no Australian child restraint has offered specialised head and body protection, in a compact form.

  • Vita Pro is Australia’s most compact rearward facing restraint and the first to offer specialised head and torso protection. Unifying Maxi-Cosi’s collective knowledge in an enveloping protective form, Vita Pro is cocooning for newborns and spacious for older children. The design seamlessly integrates G-CELL™ torso protection, into blow moulded membrane apertures, the combination providing space efficient and effective organ protection. The Air Protect™ features a new compact compression formula, maximising internal head space for the comfort of older children with dual head and body inserts included to better accommodate newborns. Vita Pro is Australia’s most considered compact restraint solution.

  • Vita Pro is a socially impactful child restraint, the first in Australia to offer parents’ uncompromised compact safety and comfort, addressing the requirements of an increasing suburban density. Furthermore, over 70% of child restraints recorded, are installed incorrectly which could result in preventable fatalities. Vita Pro minimises the opportunity for human error, designed with minimal installation steps and strong visual language. Distribution of Vita Pro, resulting in the likelihood of reduced child injuries and fatalities. The detailed execution, is a consumer insight lead development using qualitative focus groups, resulting in a consumer centred commercial outcome, improving brand reputation and loyalty.

  • • Safety Shield Dual Action Protection System. Offering superior head and torso protection. When you need it most. • Air Protect: Patented side impact technology combining compressible foam materials in a polymer pocket with specified valves, controlling release of air under impact. The most comfortable head safety technology. • Active Head Support: World’s first solution to children sleeping in child restraints, using an active hinged side support panel. • Headrest and Automatic Harness Height Adjustment • Blow-moulded Design: Allows for minimal components and additional compressible membranes for greater impact performance. • G-CELL: Patented side impact technology that combines the engineering strength advantages of hexagons with advanced materials. Arranged in the form of crushable apertures, the internal hexagon walls are designed to spread and distribute impact forces away from the child’s body. • ISOGO with Compact Storage: ISOFIX compatible, allowing for easier install. Featuring centralised compact storage when not in use. • Extended 30 Months Rearward Facing: For maximum toddler safety. • Built in Rebound Structure: Minimal installation steps to prevent misuse and safety risks. • Single Handed Recline and Mode Conversion • Dual Infant Inserts: Greater adaptability for child growth. • Magnetic Harness Holders • Cool Baby: Premium bamboo charcoal wicking fabric. • 3D Mesh: Premium breathable comfort support technology fitted to seating area.