BOBI (Breathing Companion)

  • 2023

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Bobi, a patented, trademarked creation by psychologist Damien Thomas, teaches optimal breathing habits for improved well-being. Offering tactile stimulation for a calming effect, it targets individuals seeking mental health enhancement, particularly those battling stress, anxiety, and breathing issues. Bobi revolutionises wellness through better breathing, positively impacting users’ lives.

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  • The challenge that Bobi is responding to is the need for an effective + accessible device to support individuals in learning and maintaining optimal breathing habits. Many people experience stress, anxiety, and breathing difficulties, and research shows that exercise, meditation, and conscious breathing are effective non-medication-based treatments for these issues. However, many individuals struggle to develop + maintain good breathing habits. Bobi's tactile design provides a unique and effective solution to this challenge, enabling individuals to adopt better breathing practices anywhere and anytime.

  • Bobi, a unique wearable device, fosters optimal breathing habits through tactile guidance of a soft squeezable bulb and by providing a calming effect on the back of the hand through a dynamically tightening strap. Discreet, accessible, and versatile, it empowers users to manage anxiety and stress while offering psychological courses for enhanced wellness. Developed over a two-year R&D journey, key moments included designing for primal breathing patterns, creating positive emotional responses by activating nerve fibres, and encouraging habit formation through repetition and reward. Tackling stress, anxiety, and breathing difficulties, Bobi paves the way for improved well-being, showcasing a thoughtful design solution that resonates with users' needs.

  • Bobi's multifaceted impact encompasses commercial, environmental, and societal realms. From a commercial standpoint, Bobi has the potential to make a positive impact on business performance by providing a unique and innovative product that meets the needs of individuals struggling with workplace stress. Environmentally, Bobi's longevity minimises waste, while encouraging nasal breathing, yielding an 18% blood oxygen uptake increase and potentially reducing respiratory illness consequences. Societally, Bobi fosters mental health and well-being by cultivating better breathing habits, providing anxiety and stress management courses, and ultimately enriching individuals' quality of life. This leads to a healthier, more productive population and creates positive ripple effects throughout society.

  • Three settings for coaching different breathing rates: Bobi can grow with users as they learn to adopt + embed better breathing practices. The device allows users to select one of three specific time settings from beginner up to the optimal breathing rate of 6 breaths per minute. Tactile guide for breath coaching: Many people prefer to use a physical guide when attempting to slow their breathing rate. Bobi offers a tactile or physical guide for breathing coaching, which is supported by research. Facilitating the habit of better breathing: Bobi meets all the prerequisites for habit formation, including the 'reward' of a sense of calm, repetition, convenience, cues + reward. Positive emotional response: Bobi's unique design activates the CT afferents, nerve fibres located on the back of the hand, through the movement of the back of hand strap, creating a reward sensation + positive emotional response. Grounding tool: Allows individuals to ground themselves in any situation, providing a range of benefits to users. Wearable + discreet: Allows users to integrate the device seamlessly into their daily routines. Anywhere. Anytime. Overall, Bobi's key design features are focused on improving overall wellbeing through facilitating better breathing habits, improving grip strength + providing a tactile guide to better breathing.