Maxi Cosi Luna Car Seat

  • 2017

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Dorel Australia

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The Maxi-Cosi Luna is a Type-G car seat (fully harnessed from 6 months to approx.8 years) designed from the ground-up by an Australian team specifically for Australian families.

The Luna car seat has been certified to the highest level of safety and delivers intelligent design with world’s first technology.

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  • The Luna incorporates the latest in car seat technology and offers design solutions for parents and their growing child. It is classified as a Type G seat (fully harnessed from 6 months to approximately 8 years) and is the first ground-up development of a Type G seat designed by an Australian team specifically for Australian families. It boasts world-first headrest technology featuring both Air Protect side-impact technology and active chin support. This car seat also features an innovative dual-action crotch buckle adjustment which allows for a dual adjustment of the seat depth and buckle height, ensuring a comfortable fit as the child starts to reach each growth milestone.

  • The Maxi-Cosi Luna has two defining innovations. The most obvious is a world's first headrest innovation: the first in the world to provide a supportive sleep solution, effectively helping to support the child head from falling forward when they nap in the car seat. The second major innovation is the dual-action crotch buckle adjustment: the only one of its kind to allow adequate space for the child to grow in girth and height. We are proud of both of these advancements, and both designs are patent pending in Australia and global markets (US, EU, Asia).

  • The Luna is designed with the latest car seat technology and performance materials with the clear objective of providing superior comfort and most importantly, a protective safety structure. The key features are visible and not hidden, intuitive belt-path openings on either side of the car seat make correct installation straightforward. The distinctive headrest visually sets the car seat apart from other safety child restraints on the market, with the headrest cover suggesting additional safety, and the visible headrest levers found either side of the headrest compelling the user to discover the additional functions.

  • The Luna has been designed to provide both superior comfort and superior safety for the child in a fully harnessed, forward-facing mode (from 6 months to approximately 8 years). “Superior safety” as a goal reflects the usability for the adult installing and operating the seat. “Superior comfort” is focused on the physical comfort of the child sitting in the car seat. Many children fall asleep in their child restraint and when this occurs the vast majority of children's head falls uncomfortably forward into awkward positions. This seat is the only seat in the world that has an active chin support designed to help prevent the child's head from flopping forward.

    The Luna has been rigorously tested and has been certified to the latest Australian Child Safety Standards (AS/NZS 1754:2013) the most stringent test program in the world. The blend of injection-moulded and blow-moulded parts allows the structure to absorb the greatest amount of impact and, with a built-in crumple zone to transfer all of the energy away from the child in the event of an accident, reducing the severity of trauma on the child. The headrest structure is encased with our patented Air Protect side-impact technology reducing the impact forces by an additional 50%. The headrest chin support has also been designed to collapse back into a flat position so that it poses no safety concerns in an accident.

    The combination of injection-moulded and blow-moulded parts is not just an improvement for the structural integrity of the Luna, but also allows for increased precision during product manufacturing and assembly. Above this structural core, the seat is dressed with durable performance fabrics that are machine washable. The fabric helps to draw moisture away from the child during hot climates for that additional superior comfort. The Luna also features TPR arm-rest covers for a premium tactile finish. The quality of Maxi Cosi products are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

    This product offers new and innovative world's features but does not cost more than other Type G car seats on the market. The Maxi Cosi Luna car seat has been a long anticipated product release to complete the Maxi Cosi brands product portfolio, the features of this seat give the brand innovation and leadership status within the child restraints industry. This new product launch is on track to hit sales targets and deliver back a return on investment within the first year.