RingPull Can Opener by Dext

  • 2023

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The RingPull Can Opener is the easiest way to open a ring pull can smoothly and safely with precise control. Providing over 70% more mechanical advantage than the most popular competitor, it delivers an joyful, efficient and innovative solution that increases independence for individuals with reduced hand dexterity.

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  • The ability to live independently is at the forefront of many minds. The audience to whom this is a concern, deserve products that not only assist daily activities, but provide joy in ownership and overcome the reality that ‘daily living aids’ are ugly, undesirable and demoralising. The design brief was formed when seeing a family member frustrated and defeated whilst struggling to open a ring pull can. A solution was required to absolutely minimise the grip strength required to safely and smoothly take the lid off a can. Most importantly, something desirable and without the stigma of a ‘mobility aid’.

  • The RingPull Can Opener delivers a simple, effective and desirable solution that: • Provides up to 110% more mechanical advantage than competitors, and halves the strength is required to open a ring pull can; • Minimises strength required in both hands through repositioning forces that typically cause the can to tip; • Eliminates the risk of the ring pull tab snapping off as the hinge does not flex during removal; • Is compatible with cans world wide; • Is totally recyclable; • Is 60% of the width of the most popular competitor; • Reduces exposure to sharp edges which can be hazardous to those with reduced dexterity.

  • The ability to open a can of food, and the act of cooking for oneself, is a core part of living an independent, dignified and satisfied lifestyle. A simple ring pull can is a threat to this ability for hundreds of millions of people with poor dexterity; currently one in six in Australia have arthritis, and one in four in the US (and growing). This is not to mention any other musculoskeletal conditions. The RingPull embraces universal design principles and provides a solution that ensures a ring pull can does not contribute to ones loss of independence or dignity.

  • The RingPull can opener is a sister product to the Keywing key turner (Good Design Award ’22 & Design Council Spark Award) and has been brought to market on the back of the Keywing’s success. The products are now established under the brand dext®, which will continue to develop and champion desirable products that tackle daily challenges for those living with reduced dexterity. A ring pull can opening tool is not new. The engineering principle, and step change in mechanical advantage within the RingPull is new. Existing solutions are flawed in the sense that their operation transfers significant force to the users opposite hand which is required to hold the can upright. Through the RingPull’s two stage operation, it enables a substantially one handed operation. Independent living aids are tarnished with a (often deserved) reputation of poor design and aesthetic, and no joy in ownership. Users of these aids are left embarrassed and ashamed to use them, which exacerbates their situations. The RingPull design illustrates that through investment in good design this category of product need not carry any stigma and delivers a product that is attractive and desirable for anyone to own, without conveying any kind of physical impairment.