Maxi-Cosi Lila Comfort Stroller

  • 2019

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Maxi-Cosi sets the new standard in comfort for strollers with the Lila and its exclusive ShapeOfYou inlay. The ShapeOfYou newborn inlay is an innovative, intuitive solution that perfectly fits and nurtures a newborn’s fragile and growing body, for both a happy child and family.

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  • To understand and utilise the research on baby’s static sleep importance to newborn well-being and development, therefore applying this knowledge into the design of the baby’s moving stroller environment. Including in the challenge to develop the perfect tyre for wheeling over multi-terrains that is durable, cost effective and light. Stroller tyres are commonly a compromise between lightness and durability, made from either EVA, which is light but not long lasting, or rubber which lasts long but is heavier. Further challenged by the necessity to design for parents’ comfort, as well as babies’ comfort.

  • Lila provides sublime physical comfort, whilst supporting infant appeasement, security and development. The unique ShapeOfYou inlay perfectly fits and nurtures a newborn’s fragile and growing body. It reduces the space around the body, as the memory foam of the inlay contours to the shape of the newborn, giving the sense of security they need. The unique design lifts the baby’s legs into a natural position, helping to reduce reflux, while the shaped cavity reduces the pressure under the head to help prevent flat-head syndrome. Inspired by sports technology the unique bi-material wheels combine EVA lightness with the durability of rubber.

  • Maxi-Cosi sets the new standard in comfort for strollers with the Lila and its innovative ShapeOfYou inlay. Maxi-Cosi teamed up with leading paediatricians and experts in early childhood to design this ground up development from concept through to creation, featuring an ergonomic inlay specifically for a baby’s early months in life. The inlay enhances infant interaction with the environment, without hindering movements, and promotes hand-arm-eye coordination. The combination of these state-of-the-art design elements in a single inlay makes newborns feel cozy during all the smooth and bumpy strolls parents take day in, day out, putting new parents’ worries at ease.

  • Best-in-class comfort and safety for baby: - Transformable seat with multiple recline positions for use from birth. For nap-time, the seat easily transforms into a bassinet mode, allowing your newborn to sleep in the optimum full lie-flat position - Reversible seat for parent facing & world facing - ShapeOfYou ergonomic newborn memory foam inlay - Reversible, thermo-regulated mattress keeps babies and toddlers comfortable throughout the year regardless of the temperature; breathable 3D mesh for the summer; soft fleece for the winter - Integrated nap keeper for additional shade and creates a unique cocooning atmosphere for baby offering protection from mosquitos - Bootcover for added warmth - Extendable UPF50+ canopy with light reflectors offering protection from bright sunlight - Raincover and bumper bar - 4 wheel shock-absorbing independent suspension - 5-point safety harness Best for parents: - Travel system car capsule compatibility - Suitability Newborn-4years - SmoothRide new bi-material wheels for durability - Fast one-hand folding - Automatic lock - Removable shopping basket for easy access without excessive bending - Front wheels locking for maneuverability - Easy-braking system - Duo Stroller 2nd seat for two children close in age with curb pedal for canter-lever effect to overcome challenging terrain