• 2020

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

Commissioned By:

ICD Property


Buxton Group

Designed In:


Situated 5 kms east of Melbourne’s CBD, stylish Maple is the result of a collaboration between ICD Property and fellow Melbourne-based developers Angle and Buxton Group. A five-storey project with ground floor retail space and 51 generously-sized apartments, Maple was completed in December 2016, totalling a GRV of $26 million.

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  • Stokes Architects and Studio You Me were briefed to design a diverse set of apartments that would be adaptable to all purchaser lifestyles and tastes. While retaining an elegant look that utilised strong materials to stand the test of time. As the building is located on a busy intersection with lots of car and foot traffic, it was also important for the design to create a sense of privacy from the streetscape. Maximising the floor plate efficiency of all apartments to offer purchasers expansive living spaces and reshape the stereotype of cramped apartment living was also essential to designing Maple.

  • Maple’s minimalistic, scandinavian-inspired design was based around diversity, with interiors and exterior kept simple so residents could tailor their home to correlate with their individual needs/tastes. To achieve a sense of privacy, beautifully intricate sliding screens were implemented along lower levels. As light changes through the day, the screens reflect light in through the apartments, creating a sense of warmth, while also reflecting it outwards to the street, so anybody passing the building is greeted by its glow. To maximise floor plates, a ‘flexi’ room was introduced, able to be multi-purposed as a study, dining room or additional storage.

  • Maple was purposefully designed without common areas to keep owners corporation fees as low as possible. However, the development team wanted to provide residents with incredible amenity and this formed motivation for the building’s design to house a useful ground-floor tenant. Attracting well-renowned bakery café Rustica Canteen to occupy the space, this intentional ground-floor retail design benefits occupiers of the building by improving their livelihood as well as owners, who experience greater capital growth as a result of having an award-winning business tenant the building’s retail ground-floor.

  • The best spaces are those that take some effort to understand. To understand how it was constructed and what influenced its creator; spaces in which time is needed to unlock all of its secrets. Maple is filled with those spaces. It is filled with colours, textures, shapes and tones that delight and surprise you on a daily basis; with living spaces that are able to morph along with your moods, allowing you to see everyday items in a new light - every day. Maple's apartments are designed to absorb the tastes and habits of those who will live within and to reflect them back with new meaning. Within Maple, you don’t have to change to fit in. Come who you are. Maple apartments are nothing if not hospitable. The balcony attached to each home is designed for tranquillity just as much as for clamour. If more is merrier, reach new heights of merriment whilst watching the sunset. If less is more, increase your pleasure with a glass of wine enjoyed solo. At the end of the day, it’s your space. You can make of it whatever you want to.