Macnaught – KY+ Load & Lube Safety Grease Coupler

  • 2020

  • Engineering

Commissioned By:

Sherry Singh

Designed In:


Years in development, the new KY+ Load & Lube grease coupler from Macnaught features a patent approved release mechanism to deliver enhanced safety & is both easier & faster to use. The KY+ retains the benefit of the original floating jaw design, providing a strong, leak-free connection while improving safety & usability.

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  • When subjected to high pressure grease pumping upwards of 10,000psi, the connection and disconnection of grease couplers can be problematic for various reasons with operator safety a key factor. High pressures associated with blocked grease nipples can cause ‘binding’. This means it becomes very difficult to remove or detatch the grease coupler from the grease nipple under high pressure. Grease nipple manufacturing tolerances can vary making engagement and disengagement difficult. These issues result in broken or damaged grease nipples and very frustrated operators. Additionally, rapid disengagement can cause high velocity grease discharge as the pressure is violently relieved.

  • The solution was to design a grease coupler device that could not only clamp onto the grease nipple at high pressure but be able to disconnect readily and safely without harming the operator or damaging the grease nipple. The result is a quick realease safety coupler that imbues the operator with confidence to be able to pump grease into a machine at high pressure and then safely disconnect the coupler from its associated greasing nipple.

  • The KY+ Load & Lube Safety Grease Coupler is a totally new design that further enhances Macnaught's position as the innovation leader in lubrication equipment. Applicable for most greasing applications, the KY+ delivers improved access, productivity and safety through a new patented design on the internal pressure relief mechanism for easy disconnect under pressure and superior safety.

  • The original ‘Floating Jaw’ design developed for previous couplers has also been employed on the KY+ to create leak free connections at even the highest pressures through the clamping force that is energised by the grease pressure itself. The higher the pressure the better the clamp. In addition, with three jaw segments instead of a traditional four allows the KY+ to spread the clamping force over a larger surface area therefore reducing damage to the grease nipple. Quick and easy release mechanism enables one handed operation. Availble in 3 different and common thread types: BSP, NPT & metric M10x1.