Macnaught BOP – Battery Operated Pump

  • 2020

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Sherry Singh

Designed In:


Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Macnaught BOP is a portable, rechargeable, 18 volt battery operated workshop fluid pump, designed to improve workshop efficiency and reduce fatigue with the flick of a button. Simple, yet clever, the BOP Powerhead can be transferred across multiple pump stems to reduce set-up costs.

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  • Dated vehicle technology required less fluid consumables, in particular fewer oil variants. It has become more apparent that modern vehicles require more specialised fluids, if not in the engine then in some other part of the vehicle. This is evident from the growth of new, affordable European vehicles in the Australian car parc. The proliferation of motor vehicle fluids has added more stress to managers and technicians to store and effectively use these multiple fluids in their workshops. One area of the modern workshop that is falling behind the trend is the dispensing of fluids from 20 & 60 litre drums.

  • Macnaught’s new BOP Battery Operated Pump for 20 & 60L drums enables automotive workshops to work more efficiently by having the ability to use one powerhead across many different pump stems. The varying pump stems in the BOP range have the ability to pump different workshop fluids from automotive coolant up to high viscosity SAE140 oils.

  • The clever use of patent pending technology, innovative design & intuitive operation provides a product that not only solves the problem of fatiguing manual pumps, but also reduces the likelihood of fluid spills & provides an expandable platform of oil handling efficiencies for the business. The BOP achieves this in two distinctively integrated ways. The First: Employing powerful, rechargeable 18V Lithium Ion battery technology. - Power on demand - Accurate delivery of specialised oils up to SAE140 - Rechargeable battery Secondary: A portable, self-priming pump capable of single handedly dispensing oils from 20 & 60 litre containers, on-demand.

  • The BOP is a combination of two separate components: the removable Powerhead and the in-drum Pump Stem. These two separate items have been designed to work together by the Powerhead providing power to the multiple BOP Pump Stems in any given workshop. The result is a closed system to eliminate oil contamination. The Pump Stem incorporates a self-priming impeller and pressure switch to enable the on-demand flow up to the delivery hose and oil control gun. This single assembly contains all the wetted parts of the pump removing any pathway to cross contamination, sealing the container against contaminant ingress. The Powerhead is released via an ergonomic lever lock at the top of the unit. This lever lock has a double function not only creating and releasing the physical connection to the Pump Stem, but also providing an electrical interlock preventing the motor from engaging when not locked down. The pressure switch located in the Pump Stem acts as the final arbiter of action by interacting magnetically with a reed device located in the Powerhead. This results in a product without any exposed electrical connections, delicate wires or fragile components to be damaged during repeated engagement and disengagement cycles.