Logitech Circle View

  • 2020

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • Logitech Design Team Americas

Commissioned By:


Designed In:

United States of America

The Logitech Circle View camera is a home security camera created exclusively to work with Apple HomeKit and support Apple HomeKit Secure Video. It’s built with the best-in-class Logitech TrueView™ video experience, enhanced privacy features and a design that’s crafted for your home.

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  • We wanted to build on top of this camera’s predecessor, the Circle 2 and deliver the best in class video quality, a simplified setup and usage experience and a design that worked well in different settings in the home and had the ability for the camera to be mounted in a variety of environments. Most importantly, we wanted to address ways to go above and beyond in addressing growing privacy concerns of home security camera users.

  • We designed the camera to work exclusively with Apple HomeKit Secure Video providing category leading privacy and security. We layered this with easy-to-use hardware-based privacy controls - tilt the camera down to hide from view, or stop streaming and recording by pressing a rear-mounted button. The camera features our best-in-class Logitech TrueView™ video to deliver sharp 1080p video using 180° DFOV glass optics, a high-quality WDR sensor, and full-field IR night vision up to 15ft away. The product has been crafted for your home with thoughtful details that specifically address simplicity of installation and the ability to blend in.

  • Commercial Impact: Thanks to built-in privacy controls and exclusive support for Apple HomeKit Secure Video, this product offering has brought unparalleled privacy to the home security camera market. We’ve also created a new standard in video performance with Logitech TrueView™ video, our term for Circle View’s best-in-class video experience. Social Impact: Instead of making privacy and security an afterthought, we’ve made it one of our key differentiators. By offering peace of mind, we’re inviting consumers to once again trust video devices in their homes.

  • Circle View’s hardware design includes a solid metal base that adds to the form on top of making the product extremely stable for table placement or surface mounting. Key design components include a weatherproof body, single-handed orientation control, and a power cable that blends with most spaces. The Logitech TrueView Video experience on this camera solves important needs for users by providing the widest view possible while retaining sharpness to avoid needing motorized pan tilt and rotation. The camera’s wide dynamic range illuminates high contrast scenes evenly and enhances low light and night vision performance. The experience of the hardware privacy features - tilting to obscure the camera view, and the button to disable the video/audio feed, were studied in great detail to ensure that they can be done easily with one hand and with natural gestures that do not require much cognitive load, while at the same time making them discrete, intentional and not so easily noticeable as to undo the value of the security use-case.