Infasecure Seat Belt Retainer

  • 2017

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Infasecure Pty Ltd

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Lockie is a simple but effective seat belt retainer that is virtually impossible to misuse and takes moments to install.

Unlike existing buckles or clamps, Lockie uses a wedged ‘keel’ that locks into the seat belt buckle tongue slot. Through simple friction, seat belt looseness is prevented and children travel safer.

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  • Lockie's shape combines both form and function; the flat surface of the device serves as the perfect button upon which to push the device's 'keel' into the seat belt tongue, whilst the padlock shape of the device evokes feelings of safety and security so necessary for selling product in the child and nursery marketplace. The brand name of the product itself (Lockie) describes the purpose of the device in a friendly way whilst the Lockie logo uses a warm yellow colouring to retain visibility as a safety product. The flat surface of the device serves as the perfect canvas for any range of designs, making it a safety device that can also deliver brand or safety messages (see sample image of product variants).

  • Lockie preserves the original tension of seat belts holding child restraints in cars. Over the past 18 months Lockie has been field tested to ensure: - It is compatible with a broad range of new and used vehicles (97%+ compatibility) and, - Its function does not diminish over time despite the changing kinetic and temperate conditions within motor vehicles. Lockie is simple to use. It requires just one press to install the device and prevent seat belts from coming loose. It is supported by comprehensive instructions supplied with each product at point of sale. Ergonomically, the surface of the device provides ample room for a thumb either side to comfortably press the keel into the buckle tongue aperture.

  • Lockie has been designed to ensure it is neither a choking hazard nor does it have potentially harmful sharp edges. All materials used in the product are non-toxic and have been independently tested as safe to AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2003 Lockie has the fundamental purpose of reducing harm to children from road trauma. Lockie is supplied as an individually packaged product displaying an image of a seat belt with the product correctly placed in situ. The rear of the packaging provides comprehensive instructions in plain English and with matching, easy-to-follow diagrams. Lockie has been independently crash tested to ensure compliance with AS/NZS 8005:2013.

  • Lockie is made entirely in Australia from 100% recyclable materials and requires no disassembly to recycle. Its minimalist design means it weighs just over 6 grams, making it the lightest and simplest product of its kind to manufacture. Comparable metal buckles need pressing, stamping, heat treatments and surface treatments to manufacture. These are all processes with significantly higher energy inputs. Lockie is manufactured at a facility with a 30kW Solar panel array to ensure that over 60% of energy used in its production comes from solar energy. Throughout the product lifecycle, Lockie protects children when they are young whilst keeping them safe from environmental harm when they are older.

    Lockie is manufactured at a facility compliant with ISO 9001:2015. Each part is visually inspected before release. Imperfect products are rejected and recycled. Parts are printed in low volume batches using custom made jigs to ensure correct registration of printed images every time. Materials used in manufacture have been carefully selected and blended in the right quantities to ensure the right characteristics. These include: - 1. Polypropylene for structural strength 2. Santoprene (rubber) for an element of grip and pliability 3. UV & Thermal stabilisers to minimise product degradation in hot vehicles over time Injection moulding is undoubtedly the only viable method to manufacture this product.

    Lockie was released to the Australian market in October 2016 with a recommended price of just $9.95. This has been extremely well received by the market with many retailers placing repeat orders already. Lockie reflects Infasecure's ethos of delivering innovative safety products at realistic prices. Its social media launch created a positive boost to the Infasecure brand and continues generates excellent brand and product feedback. We are pleased to advise that after just 4 months since release, Lockie has already recouped its design and development costs.

    Lockie is a world-first concept in preventing seat belt looseness with child restraints. Alternate products rely on either a clamp over one or two seat belt straps or a buckle through which the seat belt straps need to be threaded. In comparison:- Lockie makes innovative use of friction within the buckle tongue to lock the seat belt. Lockie can be installed quickly and simply - seconds not minutes. Lockie can be custom printed and/or branded unlike any other product on the market.