Living Now Collection

  • 2022

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    Consumer Electronics

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  • Bticino

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Living Now represents the next generation of home controls. The Living Now Digital Controls voice control unit is a light switch with Alexa built-in, one of the slimmest in the market. It integrates new technology inside an elegant architectural design.

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  • While smart switches are not necessarily new, Btcino & Legrand wanted to add greater convenience to their creation with the integration of a digital assistant. With Alexa built-in, users can now use voice to control their environment without the need of a smart phone or additional digital speakers. In addition to voice control, Living Now Digital Controls incudes Amazon Alexa's full functionality built in providing live weather, traffic and news updates and much more. From a design perspective, including this functionality required a complete redesign of the typical switch or powerpoint we know today.

  • Living Now's design is instantly recognisable by its extremely neat design and precise lines. A unique and distinctive shape, a synthesis of aesthetic, functional and technological evolution that turns the switch into a true control interface. To accommodate this design aesthetic, Bticino needed to first redesign the way a traditional light switch works by reworking internal switch components and then develop a neat solution to embed components into walls to create a minimal floating design. They also feature full touch which means that users can touch any point of the surface keys to activate the switch.

  • Living Now with Netatmo and Smart Controls was designed to add greater connivence and energy efficiency to a home or commercial property. Using smart technology by Netatmo, users can schedule lighting and appliances to reduce energy consumption, while voice, touch and smart devices can also control the system. The devices can be installed like a regular switch or Power point and the patented floating frame hides an imperfection on the wall and five the illusion of a floating device. Using the dedicated app users can monitor consumption of individual lights and appliances and can remotely control to reduce energy consumption.

  • With Living Now with Netatmo and the Home+Control App, you can adjust the light level for optimum personal comfort also with dimmer, Manage electric blinds/shutters, view current consumption and avoid blackouts and alarm notifications, create and manage scenarios (general ON/OFF, entry, exit etc.), manage the temperature with the connected thermostat Smarther with Netatmo and program the activation of lights, shutters and loads connected to sockets based on your needs while conserving energy.