Live a Life, Outside the Design

  • 2016

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

Designed By:

Designed In:

Taichung, Taiwan

How do you preserve those old good time memory? Do you put in all in a poem on paper? Do you take photographs so that you could look at it anytime you want? Or you do nothing but leave it all to yourself?

  • The simplified and clean lay-out has spoken it all. It's all over the place, and even with little furnished, it is a design itself. Background is now no longer just background, it highlights the high-quality of the decoration and also shows the respect for the history and the culture. Plenty of sunlight is being brought inside, it maximizes the whole place in a way. Those masterfully-crafted pieces have shown the excellent taste of the client's, and the technique of making these pieces is current and new instead of old, it's like cherish the old times and expect more for the future.