LiNX Power Wheelchair Control System

  • 2019

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

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  • Dynamic Controls
  • 4design

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Dynamic Controls

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The REM400 remote is the world’s first to market touchscreen controller for power wheelchairs. The smart, connected touchscreen remote can be customised to suit physical and cognitive abilities providing people with the means for independent control of their powerchair. The REM400 combines innovative design with smart technology, fueling inclusivity for all.

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  • The design challenge was to develop a robust, connected, easy to use controller for people with a variety of disabilities to control their powerchairs. The controller needed to be flexible enough to be used by different levels of fine and gross motor abilities and varying levels of cognitive ability. The controller would also need to provide access to many of today’s modern technologies which many with a disability are unable to access.

  • The REM400 LiNX System is an innovative system which combines the ingenuity of a joystick control with a range of personalized options. The control allows you to use swipe or tap operation settings depending on your fine motor or gross motor abilities. A choice of direct access or menu navigations for left and right-handed users allows for optimal user experience. The REM400 also allows you to connect to the world wirelessly whether it be your phone or computer. Couple this with the superior speed control and manoeuvrability of the wheelchair, this is truly an outstanding product.

  • The design impact of the REM400 is significant to those living with mobility impairment. It provides the independence to control your powerchair in a way that best suits your physical and/or cognitive abilities and provides for a safer and more refined control of your powerchair. The quality of life for people with a disability is improved by providing access to many of today’s technologies that we often take for granted.

  • Key features: • First touch screen interface provides customisation to the user to suit their range of hand control. Allows for swipe or tap gestures and other intuitive interaction setting to optimize user commands to interface with the wheelchair. • Beautifully designed and engineered with superior speed control of electric wheelchair control from joystick. • Provides people with disabilities the means to connect to devices which enable access to the connected world. Controller can connect to phone, computer, tablet or any Bluetooth device to allow access to a range of different devices. • Aerospace grade and custom anodized aluminium for increased durability and robustness of the controller. • Ability to add additional side toggles for increased control through flexibility and modularity. • Dust and water ingress protected to IPx4 to maintain usability in all environments • Meets ISO13485 medical device regulations • UI Interface of MyLiNX software - developed with multiple disabilities in mind, with insights gained through user experience - Left handed and right-handed use - Glove mode to allow users to keep hands warm while controlling their powerchair. - Programmable layout of functions to optimise and individualise user experience of system navigation - Direct access buttons and menu options • Mouse mover technology incorporated into remote