LinQ Cooler (51L)

  • 2019

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The Sea-Doo LinQ Cooler (51L) is the first large cooler to be compatible with a personal watercraft (PWC). Attaching this cooler to a PWC opens up new possibilities for the user, enabling new experiences such as fishing.

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  • Spending time messing about on the water usually involves bringing along cold drinks and food, and the catch of the day must also be kept cool as it is transported home. But a personal watercraft has limited cargo capacity. We wanted to create a cooler that could be easily and quickly attached to and removed from the PWC, with a large storage capacity of at least 40L. With angling in mind, we also wanted the cooler to be able to carry fishing rods and allow for quick access to small boating or fishing items.

  • The proposed design largely exceeded the brief. The design team pushed cargo capacity to 51L from the initially expected 40L. Rapid attachment and removal are provided by the quick-attach LinQ system, making the cooler compatible with other BRP vehicles also. Cooler versatility is further increased by the availability of detachable fishing rod holders. The design team validated every step on water, and continued to search further, resulting in a variety of unique, additional features, such as the table top and the mesh holder.

  • Prior to the market introduction of the Sea-Doo LinQ Cooler, use of a personal watercraft was limited to a ride of about 20 minutes out from the beach. Now, long-range adventures and new uses such as fishing expeditions are possible. This cooler effectively evolves the PWC user experience as a whole, enabling new territories to be explored, and opening up a new market segment. New users, who choose a PWC rather than a larger boat, will also be opting for a reduced environmental impact.

  • - Sealed Lid - Drain Hole - Double Action Latch