Linear Locksets – Push Pull door handles and locks

  • 2019

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Thuan Nguyen

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Linear locksets is a novel, modern, simple, ergonomic and intuitive way to operate a secured door in residential and commercial buildings. Operable by a patented push pull mechanism eliminating the required twisting action of conventional door levers and knobs. Inspired by ergonomic designs for persons with mobility impairments to access buildings.

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  • The internal mechanism design needed to simply acheive its objective to operate or close a door using half of the parts and materials of conventional handles and locks to conserve reources, materials, and to be environmentally more sustainable. As part of the design process the product needed to be retrofittable into standard doors with standard holes and bores. It also needed to be simple to install in 5 or less steps. A privacy lock needed to be integrated for privacy use in bathrooms and bedrooms. The door handles needed to be easily changeable for future trends and needs.

  • As a result, the operation to open a pivot door is now over 90% more efficient, the product also has less than half the parts compared to conventional handles or similar paddle type handles in commercial use. The basic range uses only 60% of materials and assembly needs compared to conventional handles. Furthermore, the latch retraction can be controlled to minimise the noise of closing or opening doors compared to similar paddle type doors. Environmental and resource conservation and economic savings can be confidently passed onto consumers.

  • This novel product design, simplies functional operation and thereby simplifying the mechanism of door furniture. Allowing an operator to open a secured door with 90 % less effort. This efficiency provides everyone with benefits especially people with a disability or mobility impairments. Access, security and privacy is a privilege all should have regardless of physical challenges. By eliminating uneccessary function and components, the product has less than half the parts and uses 40% less materials to similar or conventional handles. This translates to environmental and energy advantages by using less materials to manufacture. Nothing aesthetically similar is in existence.

  • Using half the components and 40% less materials this product is focused on conserving natural resources and reducing the energy to produce and assemble, hence it reduces negative environmental impacts. Considering that an average home has 10 door handle units, even more in commerical buildings, and that the costs to manufacture can be halved, there is an immense market and commecial advantage. Currently, there are no similar aestheticially designed handles available on the market, as most resemble a lever or knob design. The product also allows for the unit to easily replace or change handle designs without the need to replace the whole unit. Thus, saving costs to update decor or future needs.