LIM Infinite Socket

  • 2015

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    Medical and Scientific

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  • LIM Innovations Design Team and Smart Design

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LIM Innovations

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The LIM Infinite Socket is a revolutionary solution for fitting prosthetic legs to amputees. The end-to-end system starts with a rapid evaluation and digital sizing process for clinicians working with their patients. A custom prosthetic socket is then created offsite using advanced engineered materials and a proprietary rapid manufacturing process to fit the specific anatomy and needs of the individual amputee. The end result is a liberating adjustable prosthetic socket that has an ergonomic fit, affording increased mobility, comfort, and performance to the patient.

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  • The form of the LIM Infinite Socket represents a bold new approach in the design prosthetic sockets. Traditional sockets are fabricated from plaster molds and hand crafted rigid materials that try to mimic the amputee's flesh tone and anatomy. The form of the LIM Infinite Socket departs from tradition with a system of manufactured customizable components including a carbon fiber strut structure, a soft upper brim and specific adjustable features. Through 3D patient scanning, proprietary software and custom manufacturing techniques the form is tailored to fit the exact anatomy of the amputee. The overall form aesthetic conveys technical quality combined with a performance like appearance.

  • The anatomy of leg amputations varies widely due to factors such as the patient's size, weight, age, sex, and muscle mass. In addition, amputations are performed based on the extent of trauma or disease leaving amputees with varying amounts of residual limb to attach the socket. With the LIM Infinite Socket, the patients benefit from a more efficient fitting experience, reducing time spent being immobile or in wheelchairs. Each socket is custom made ensuring an ergonomic fit while delivering increased comfort and performance. The design incorporates adjustable features for different activities (sports vs. relaxation), and to account for weight gain or loss.

  • A prosthetic socket is not safe and cannot deliver optimum performance if it does not fit the amputee properly. The Lim Infinite Socket increases safety, performance and comfort through a unique fitting and custom manufacturing process ensuring an ergonomic fit to the user. Adjustable features are incorporated to tailor the fit to the user as needed over time.

  • The number one reason for prosthetic failure is user dissatisfaction or abandonment often due to discomfort. Typically amputee limb volume will fluctuate >10-15% postoperatively leading to problems with fit and socket failure. The LIM Infinite Socket is designed to be adjusted and updated based on the needs of the amputee over time. The platform of components can be disassembled and new components can be added as needed due to changes to the amputee's condition or for replacement purposes due to normal wear and tear. This is a significant departure from a rigid and hand-made single unit traditional socket.

    The LIM Infinite Socket is designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards to meet the needs of leg amputees and the medical professionals that serve them. The socket increases quality standards for the industry in that it abides by modern manufacturing quality controls not applicable to traditional one-off craft fabrication techniques. Specific components are tailor fit to the amputee through a digital fitting and custom manufacturing process. High-grade materials are utilized to work in synergy with the human body and include, thermoplastic carbon fiber, machined aluminum, medical grade technical fabrics, and molded nylon.

    The LIM Infinite Socket has been lauded as a breakthrough innovation in the world of prosthetics and orthopedics. LIM is already partnering with numerous clinicians that want to offer the Infinite Socket to their patients. In addition, LIM is currently working with the Walter Reed Medical Center on a program to fit active US military and civilian populations. The goal of this program is to provide military personnel with a prosthetic socket that allows them to retain the active lifestyle that they have always known.

    The LIM Infinite Socket delivers innovation in the following ways. 1) Time saving patient evaluation and sizing method. 2) Reduced time in creating and delivering the custom socket helps get users up and walking sooner. 3) System of components that is customized to the needs of the patient. 4) Adjustable features for changes in patient weight or for different activities (sports vs. relaxation). 5) Ease of assembly and disassembly where new components can be incorporated due to changes to the amputee's condition or for replacement purposes due to normal wear and tear. 6) Innovative material usage. 7) Inspiring aesthetic conveys technical performance combined with sports like appearance.