Legrand Wireless Charging Solutions

  • 2018

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Michel Ousset

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The Legrand Wireless charging range enable Qi-certified mobile devices to be charged without cables, bringing total flexibility to the end-user. Available in three options – wall-mounted, built-in to table tops and weatherproof – they will adapt to many environments from residential to commercial places (hotels, airports or train stations).

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  • In our power-hungry world driven by the multiplication of smart devices per capita and increasing mobility, the challenge has 'cut the umbilical cord' at charging point. The brief for Legrand Wireless chargers aimed to charge without cables, while integrating seamlessly into the end-users local environment.

  • Each of the three products showcase a minimalistic design that blends into the décor or surrounding environment. The wireless charging pad is integrated into furniture so there is nothing protruding on a desktop, home office desk or café counter/table. The wall mounted version is pushed into the wall, only to show a compact cradle ready to host smartphones. Its silver finish and anti-slip coating gives a sense of modernity and protection of the mobile device. The weatherproof charging station displays robustness and protection against the elements, perfect for pool or alfresco areas, as well as departure gates at the airport.

  • Connectivity, flexibility, technology: Legrand wireless chargers contribute to bringing solutions adapted to the modern world. It is so convenient to drop ones smartphone onto the charging station while home or at the office, and forget about it while the charging is done automatically. These wireless chargers minimise the risk of 'zero-battery anxiety' syndrome of the millennials, and will help those who keep forgetting their charging cables or power adaptors while travelling or at work.

  • Cordless charge, Certified Qi standard: adopted by the largest mobile devices manufacturers, 1000 mA output current