Frank Green Pet Collection

  • 2023

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frank green

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frank green’s Pet Collection celebrates the special connection people have with their pets and immerses beloved fur babies in everything customers know and love about frank green. The beautifully designed, drool-worthy range comprises pet collars, leads, bowls and multiple accessories – turning every sidewalk into a catwalk.

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Image: Photographer: Lauren Bamford
Image: Photographer: Lauren Bamford
Image: Photographer: Lauren Bamford
Image: Photographer: Lauren Bamford
Image: Photographer: Lauren Bamford
Image: Photographer: Lauren Bamford
Image: Photographer: Phillip Huynh
Image: Photographer: Phillip Huynh
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  • We’re a company of genuine pet lovers! The Pet Collection was born from the desire to create premium pet products that tick all the boxes: high-quality, durable and long-lasting that significantly reduce the number of products required to purchase over a lifetime, innovative designs that customers and pets alike love to use and reuse over and over again, made from repurposed recycled materials, and continues frank green’s unique selling proposition of customisation, personalisation and style.

  • Made to withstand the rough and tumble, frank green’s comfortable, durable and waterproof Pet Collection comprises of 11 different types of products and is made from a range of planet- friendly materials. To honour our sustainable heritage, recycled and biodegradable materials were used as much as possible, with 40% of the collection made from ECORPET® , recycled co-polymer and compostable corn-starch. The aim of this collection is to provide pet owners with an opportunity to express their taste and style (through customisation and personalisation) while embracing a more sustainable lifestyle.

  • We want to empower people to make simple, sustainable choices every day. To achieve this, we create beautifully designed, innovative, and highly functional sustainable products that fit into our customer’s life, and that they’ll love to use, over and over and over again. The frank green Pet Collection delivers better quality, more functional and super stylish products made from recycled materials that fit seamlessly into the lives of pets and pet paw-rents alike.

  • frank green’s new Pet Collection is style-led and contemporary with a focus on bold, trend-led colours. Products include a Pet Collar (with attachable accessories: Name Tag, Pet Safety Light, Pet Apple AirTag® Holder and Apple AirTag® pet safety tracker); Pet Lead; Pet Poo Bag Holder (with Compostable Pet Poo Bags); Pet Treat Holder; Stainless Steel Pet Bowl; Silicone Pet Bowl; Pet Bandana; and Squeaky Pet Toy. Designed to fit seamlessly into the lifestyle of both people and pets, the Pet Collection complements customers’ existing frank green wardrobes perfectly. Keep both human and pet hydrated on the go with the Silicone Pet Bowl, which fits snugly onto the base of frank green’s 34oz/1L Ceramic Reusable Bottle. Or style the high-shine Stainless Steel Pet Bowls back with frank green’s show-stopping Chrome Collection. All products are designed with frank green’s mission to make sustainable living irresistible – through function, style and customisation.