LAVA Glass

  • 2020

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

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Zhuhai Cheer Technology Co.

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For centuries, stems of wine glass were designed to be as slender as possible for better aesthetic, feeling and experience, yet at the price of high fragility. LAVA makes it possible with aluminium and crystal. Even further, it offers multiple colour choices, achieving a great balance between slenderness and fashion.

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  • One of the main technical challenge was to allow a resistant association of aluminium and crystal even when using dishwasher regularly. Once solved, the field of design possibilities was larger than for traditional glass. Then, the challenge was to benefit from the thinness of the stem to improve the ergonomics for the user and propose consistency between the plate, the stem and the glass aestheticism.

  • After a lot of researches and tests, we found the solution to reliably link the crystal glass to the aluminium stem to resist vibrations, small impacts and dish washing. Then we were able to realize a thin, elegant and refined design that could never be possible with glass.

  • The main goal was to develop a never seen before wine glass. Mixing aluminium and crystal parts while being able to be dish washed and resistant. Few have tried the mixture of glass and other industrial materials to achieve both slenderness and toughness at the same time, until now.

  • Glass (silica) and Aluminium are the main elements in the composition of Volcano Lava. It was then so obvious for us to name this new product: LAVA. This version in Black and Bronze is using the signature colors of CHEER MODA to fit their Signature products line. The product is also available in metallic cyan, pink to match the Perfect 7 series.