KWIKfit™ Soft Closer

  • 2020

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Designed By:

  • Anthony Innovations Engineering Team

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Anthony Innovations

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The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer is the ground breaking new product which enables a sliding security door to catch at approximately 80mm before the closing jamb bringing it softly and slowly to a complete close. The patented product design is unique within the industry, catering for screen doors up to 25kg.

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Image: Rachael Dere - Blue Tree Studios
Image: Rachael Dere - Blue Tree Studios
Image: Rachael Dere - Blue Tree Studios
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  • The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer's primary function in the design criteria was to silence the slam when closing the security door. The focus was to reduce the audible sound of the door closing, bringing an element of finesse into the security door industry. In addition, the product needed to have minimal resistance when opening the security door, proving that it was not only novel but functional. Being a mature and competitive market, installation time was high on the priority list to make it an easy addition to any home or business process as an upgradable option.

  • The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer has an innovative ability to latch onto the door with precision 80mm before the closing jamb, slowing down the impact of the door and bringing it softly to a close. When opening the door, there needed to be minimal resistance and through vigorous testing and multiple prototypes it was achieved without compromising on the ability of the door to softly close. Overcoming the installation was attained by utilizing existing fabricator lock punching tools to create the mechanism insertion point, making it an easy process for new doors and retrofitting existing system.

  • The biggest impact of the KWIKfit™ Soft Closer will be for the end user. The reduction in closing force leads to a reduction in audible sound, limiting the amount of noise coming from a door slamming closed. Furthermore, the slow movement reduces the probability of fingers or other extremities getting caught in the door, minimising risk of injury. A key benefit is the reduced shock impact from the slam of the door, which will prolong the doors lifespan including other complimentary hardware devices such as locks. This will have positive financial implications, saving time, money and limiting waste on materials.

  • The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer meets an unrealised need within the market, which will soon become a necessity in all homes. The product is a first within the industry and was carefully engineered to transform the security door market, providing a much needed addition to an industry in desperate need of innovation and added creature comfort. Being non-intrusive, in that it largely can not be seen, it makes an easy addition to anyone looking for a premium yet practical addition to their home. The product is designed and configured in such a way that it can be used within most industry standard security door systems and includes multiple striker plates to catch the door and cater for varying industry head clearances. The KWIKfit™ Soft Closer is non handed which in turn reduces inventory levels and can be pre-installed at the factory or retrofitted to fit and function within existing security doors in the field.