KOMPAN Cross Trainer

  • 2021

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KOMPAN Play Institute

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With the best ergonomics on the market, KOMPAN’s Cross Trainer empowers people of all ages and fitness levels to freely participate in cardiovascular training in outdoor public spaces. Designed in Denmark, the trainer offers three user positions, including a sprint mode. Users can also train against ten adjustable resistance levels.

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  • KOMPAN conducted extensive research to identify fundamental aspects that contributed to practical and functional fitness solutions. Findings highlighted that most outdoor cardio equipment failed to provide adequate physiological challenges and essential functions, including adjusting resistance and workloads. Products required users to leverage off body-weight, which generally isn't enough to stimulate strength training and muscle gain. Furthermore, users need to reach intensity levels that are at least 65% of their maximum heart rate to achieve results. Based on these findings, KOMPAN needed to develop a suitable product that provided functional and meaningful workouts for users of various ages and physiques.

  • Cross Trainers are also known as an Elliptical because of the elliptical motion created by the feet. However, elliptical motion is rarely optimised or linear on many indoor trainers due to inadequate frictional or inertial loads. KOMPAN's ellipse design is self-powered and is optimised towards the ability to use body-weight and leg muscles in the work producing phase of the ellipse (downwards - backwards). The large flywheel and hand stroke maximise the workout and minimise discomfort. Users can interchange resistance across ten levels to suit their abilities and can also be connected to third-party applications to help users track their performance.

  • Exercising outdoors provides many health benefits and ultimately reducing healthcare costs for economies. High-quality, attractive, and low maintenance fitness equipment has proven to be an effective strategy to activate and unite communities as it helps to reduce socioeconomic inequalities, promotes socialisation and inclusion for all ages and abilities. Simultaneously, cardiorespiratory fitness is directly related to physical performance - both in terms of one's capacity to handle basic daily tasks, jobs and errands that are physically taxing, right through to athletic performance. Furthermore, the Cross Trainer is perfect for unsupervised public spaces or designated outdoor recreation centres and sports clubs.

  • KOMPAN's patented design features an electric motor that functions as a generator to resist the user input force. The electrical current generated is then connected to a resistor and controlling unit that can vary the amount of resistance from the motor instantaneously, meaning the resistance is smooth and immediate. The controlling unit takes input from the user force directly e.g., if a user is peddling fast, the control unit will increase the load on the motor to provide more resistance. Conversely, if the user is peddling slowly, the controller senses this and decreases the load. The system is sensitive to load resistance, e.g... if user's right leg is stronger than the left leg, there will be a slight increase in resistance on any left leg force as opposed to the right. When a touchscreen is provided, the resistance can be adjusted on-screen; however, this can also be completed through KOMPAN's Cardio smartphone application. This technology advancement sends signals to the motor and allows the resistance to be adjusted immediately. Instant feedback from the control unit is available and enables users to track performance. Connection to third-party applications such as Zwift, Strava, Apple Health Kit and Google Fit is also possible.