Kenworth T410

  • 2019

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    Automotive and Transport

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The first Australian-made Kenworth rolled off the production line at the Bayswater plant in March 1971. Kenworth is still leading the way taking the features of the new 2.1m wide cab, introduced in the T610, and apply them and more to the all-new T410 – to become best in the business.

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  • Australia’s geography and dispersed population means trucks routinely travel up to 400,000 kilometres per year, with ambient temperatures up to 50 degrees centigrade along variable road quality. Australia uniquely requires high productivity multi combination vehicles such as road trains and B-Doubles providing real design challenges such as cooling, chassis and cab configuration. This mandates reliable and durable trucks which Kenworth addresses through its Australian design capability. The T410 goal was to draw from Kenworth’s capability and technologies and provide greater levels of safety, versatility, performance, ergonomic design, quality and comfort in the vocationally intended applications optimising owner and driver appeal.

  • The commitment to ongoing local research, design and engineering capability is what sets Kenworth apart. When we met with customers to discuss what they wanted in the T410 model, one item that came up again and again was cab access. Particularly important for metro and vocational applications, the T410 is aimed at drivers who can be in and out of the cab up to 10 times an hour. The 2.1m cab provides wide opening doors and convenient grab handles on both sides of the door, allowing an easy three points of contact when climbing into or out of the cab.

  • The T410 continues the evolution in design that is customer focussed, fit for purpose, durable and adaptable to a variety of commercial applications, while remaining cost effective from a whole of life perspective. The teaming of PACCAR's fuel and environmentally efficient MX 13 litre 12 volt engine with PACCAR's innovative transmission provides customers a fully integrated powertrain solution. The T410 2.1 cab delivers new levels of driver comfort, ergonomics, and safety. Other important enhancements include improved visibility, shorter bumper-to-back-of-cab (BBC) length, better performance and driveability. New exterior styling, and a range of available options, optimises the truck for any application.

  • Designers spent three years refining the instrument panel. Switches, controls and dashboard instrumentation are positioned intuitively to allow drivers to maintain concentration and reduce fatigue. Critical information, like the speedometer, tachometer and gauges are clear and well laid out. Toggle switches provide full control of systems such as engine brakes, engine fan, driver-controlled differential locks and suspension dump valves. Optional 7” display provides access to satellite navigation systems, radio and media functions and virtual gauges, unique to Kenworth, providing a new level of detail about key temperatures, pressures and voltages. Cruise and audio controls are on the steering wheel. Overhead lighting provides a flood of light when needed. A door-mounted floodlight also illuminates a clear pathway next to the cab when the door opens. High on the external rear wall of the cabin is an LED strip light which serves to illuminate the immediate area behind the cabin, providing a safe well lit work area. Assisting with truck hook up and pre-trip checks, a light check function activates either via the dash or on the key fob. This function cycles headlamps, stop lights, tail lights, clearance lights and indicators allowing the driver to quickly identify non-functioning lights before setting off.